If you are a fan of the Kwik rewards program and have an account, chances are that you already have the Kwik trip app downloaded on your smartphone. The app serves as a gateway, which allows you to access your rewards account and redeem the rewards accordingly.

Besides easy access to the rewards program, the app also comes with a variety of other benefits, including providing access to different purchases in a matter of time. Also, the app can be used for navigation if you are looking for a nearby Kwik Trip store.

However, like most apps, even the Kwik Trip app malfunctions at times. This article will explore some of the most common errors and how you can fix them.


Issues with Black or White Screen of Death

One of the most common errors on the Kwik Trip app that the users encounter is the black or white screen of death every time they try to open the app.

If you are experiencing that issue, the following are a few relevant fixes:

  • Firstly, if it is a temporary error, we’d recommend closing the app from the background and then waiting a few seconds, and then reopening the app.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can restart or reboot your smartphone and then open the app again to see if the error persists.
  • Sometimes, even after you perform the above fixes, the black or white screen of death might persist. What you can do to fix that is to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Loading Error with the App

What happens when you are opening the app but it won’t load any of the content? Well, it happens a lot with the Kwik trip app and if you are experiencing similar issues, it is most likely a network issue.

Following are a few fixes:

  • Firstly, there are chances that the app servers might be down for maintenance or overload. In such cases, there’s nothing you can do until the servers are back up and working. All you can do in that case is wait.
  • Secondly, network issues like poor or unstable internet connection could be a potential reason why you are facing loading errors. You can check the internet speed or switch to another network.

Login Issues with the App

Another potential error that many users face is with the login process. Account-related errors can occur due to multiple factors, so the first thing you have to identify is the cause. Once you do, you can then go ahead and fix the error accordingly.

  • If the Kwik trip app servers are down and non-functional, that will prevent you from logging into the app. In that case, you’d need to wait things out.
  • Cross-check your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data to see if the internet speed is proper or not.
  • If you have entered wrong or incorrect credentials like the username or the password, that will lead to login issues on the app. Cross-check the credentials and log in again.

App Installation Issues

If you are experiencing an error with the Kwik Trip app while trying to install the app, there are a few fixes that can address the problem.

  • Firstly, you have to check if your device has enough internal storage for the app. If not, that explains why you are not able to install the app. So, free up some space in your device and then try installing the app again.
  • Sometimes, compatibility issues could also be a reason why you aren’t able to download and install the app. In that case, we’d recommend you confirm if the app is compatible with your smartphone before installing.


These are some of the most common issues that users face with the Kwik Try app and the relevant troubleshooting fixes that you can implement. All of these fixes are simple and won’t cost you any money to implement, so ensure that you follow the tips mentioned.