What Is Roulette Bets? Let’s be honest, roulette looks like a simple game. In truth, it is. You only have to place a bet on where you believe the ball that is spun around the wheel will land. Of course, it is a lot easier said than done.

Anyone can make a prediction about where they believe the ball will land. Not everyone can accurately guess where it will land. If they did, then you would have to assumed they’d be doing pretty well when playing the game.

However, with that said, there are many ways in which you can maximize your roulette bets and place winning wagers. It might be a game of chance and one that seems difficult to win on, but with a bit of knowledge and insight, there are ways you can reduce the casino’s odds and improve your own.


Different bets available that should be used

If we’re honest, it can be very easy to place a couple of different bets when at the roulette table. Most of them, though, are rather basic and far too common. Some will try to accurately predict the single number due to the payout ratio that can be available, while others may look to give themselves a 50/50 chance by going with the color of the pocket or whether it will be an even or odd number.

The latter of the commonly placed bets are called “outside bets” and these can be well-liked and used due to the odds that are available. Those who bet on the actual numbers will be placing “inside bets”. These options can generate bigger rewards if successful, but they can be riskier as they require a lot more precision.

Best bets to place to maximize your roulette win chances

While there are many bets that are rather common and can be frequently made by players, there are some bets that can be placed that can often help maximize the win potential that is on offer. These are the “outside bets” that were outlined above.

Regardless of if you choose the best site to play online roulette or play at a live table when heading to an establishment, most variants of the game will provide several betting options that can be explored. “Outside bets” consist of the following:

  • Betting on whether the pocket will be red or black
  • Betting on whether the ball will be an even or odd number
  • Placing a bet on a group of numbers instead of a singular digit
  • Placing a wager on the columns that appear on the playing table

The top two bets will have the same odds of a coin toss, as there are only two outcomes that can happen. This means the odds are 50/50, leaving you with a good chance of being able to obtain a winner. The odds of using a grouping of numbers can also be more favorable as there is a greater chance of being more likely to win.

Important things to remember

Something that may be forgotten when playing roulette and the odds of a payout can be in regard to the variant that is being played and its ‘0’ pocket(s). European roulette will feature a single zero, whereas American roulette will feature a double zero, too. The inclusion of these pockets will have an impact on the odds and payout ratio that can be returned.

Let’s take the odd/even or red/black bets as an example. Remember, a bet on these types are evens (1:1) in essence. However, you need to remember that there is also a 0 or 00 in play. This can have an impact on the probability, as this will skew the number slightly in favor of the casino. The number 0 is not considered odd/even, nor is it a color as it is usually depicted as green.

What strategies may work to enhance my roulette win potential?

Although there are some bets that can be better than others in terms of the reduction in house edge, there are some betting strategies that can also be adopted and implemented in a game session.

The most common – and one that is often the most popular – is the Martingale System. This is a betting strategy that will see you raise your bet by twice its amount each time you lose. You will continue to do this until a win has been made, as this – in thought – should allow you to recover the stakes that have been lost. It can only be used when placing “outside bets”, but you do need to be aware that it can decrease your bankroll quickly if losses continually occur.

The D’Alembert strategy can also be very useful in maximizing roulette bets, as it can make you focus on the bets that provide the best probability of winning. Instead of increasing on each loss, they reduce their bet, therefore requiring bettors to start higher. A winning bet should see the player increase their stake by one.

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