TestNav is an online test delivery platform developed by Pearson, one of the world’s largest education companies. It enables schools and educational institutions to securely administer online tests and assessments to students in a consistent, reliable manner. TestNav has become an essential tool for K-12 schools looking to transition to computer-based testing.


What is TestNav?

TestNav is a proprietary software application created by Pearson in 2000. It allows test questions and items to be delivered to students online through a secure, locked-down environment. TestNav supports a wide variety of question types, including multiple choice, constructed response, and technology-enhanced items.

A key feature of TestNav is its ability to provide a consistent testing experience across different devices and operating systems. It works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Chromebooks, and other platforms, ensuring students can take tests on the devices they are most comfortable with.

Who Owns TestNav?

TestNav is owned and developed by NCS Pearson, Inc., a subsidiary of the global learning company Pearson plc. Pearson is a publicly traded corporation headquartered in London, with a significant presence in the education, assessment, and publishing markets.

While Pearson does not typically license TestNav to third parties, in 2019 it did grant a limited license to Savvas Learning Company (formerly known as Pearson K12 Learning) to use TestNav in some of its products after Savvas was sold by Pearson. This allows Savvas to continue offering digital learning platforms that were built on TestNav.

What is TestNav Used For?

The primary use case for TestNav is to deliver secure, high-stakes assessments online. Many U.S. states have adopted the platform for their annual standardized testing programs in K-12 schools, such as the PARCC and MCAS exams. TestNav provides the infrastructure to administer these tests electronically, with features to prevent cheating and ensure test integrity.

However, TestNav is not just limited to summative assessments. It can also be used for formative and benchmark testing throughout the school year. Teachers can create their own tests and quizzes in TestNav to gauge student progress and provide practice opportunities.

Some of the key assessment tasks that can be accomplished with TestNav include:

  • End-of-year state accountability testing
  • Interim assessments to measure growth
  • Diagnostic testing to identify learning gaps
  • Practice tests to familiarize students with the platform
  • Classroom quizzes and tests

How Do Students Access TestNav?

There are two main ways for students to access TestNav – through an internet browser or by installing the TestNav app on their device.

For browser-based access, students simply navigate to a URL provided by their teacher or school. This opens the TestNav login page where students enter their unique username and password. The browser must pass a compatibility check to ensure a smooth testing experience.

Many schools prefer to have students use the dedicated TestNav app instead of a browser. The app creates a more secure, locked-down environment and prevents students from accessing other programs during the test. TestNav apps are available for download on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.

How to Download TestNav

The process to install the TestNav app varies slightly depending on the type of device:

  • Windows: Download from the Microsoft Store
  • Mac: Download the .dmg file from the TestNav website
  • iOS: Search for “TestNav” on the App Store
  • Chromebook: Find the TestNav app in the Chrome Web Store

In most cases, schools will handle the TestNav installation process for any school-owned devices. For student-owned devices, parents can follow instructions provided by the school to download and set up the app.

TestNav Login Guide

To sign into TestNav, students must have a valid username and password. These login credentials are typically provided by the teacher or school, often via email. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Launch the TestNav app or go to the TestNav URL
  2. Click the user dropdown on the top-right and select “Browser Check” to verify compatibility
  3. Return to the sign-in page and enter the username and password
  4. Follow any additional instructions provided, such as text-to-speech settings
  5. Wait for the proctor to approve entry into the test

Schools usually have a process in place to distribute TestNav login information to students in a secure manner. If any issues arise during the sign-in process, students should contact their teacher or technology support staff for help.

TestNav Practice Tests

To help students get comfortable with the TestNav platform, Pearson provides a selection of practice tests. These cover subjects like math, ELA, and science across multiple grade levels. Practice tests allow students to familiarize themselves with the question types, tools, and navigation before sitting for an actual exam.

Some of the available practice test resources include:

  • TestNav 8 student tutorial
  • Subject-specific practice tests
  • Equation editor and grid tool guides
  • Text-to-speech and Spanish accommodation guides

Teachers can also create their own practice content in TestNav to match their curriculum. Having students complete practice exams is an important way to reduce anxiety and ensure they perform their best on test day.

The Future of Online Testing

As schools increasingly shift to online learning and assessment, platforms like TestNav will play a critical role in the future of education. The ability to securely test students and instantly access performance data empowers educators to personalize instruction and better support each learner.

While no technology is perfect, TestNav has proven to be a reliable and scalable solution for online testing. With its robust feature set and cross-platform compatibility, TestNav allows schools to transition to computer-based assessment with confidence. As Pearson continues to invest in the platform, TestNav will undoubtedly shape the ed tech landscape for years to come.

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