Are you a successful, ambitious professional looking for an equally driven partner? The League dating app promises to connect elite singles for serious relationships. But with its selective admissions process and premium pricing, is this exclusive app worth the hype – and the cost? Let’s discuss what’s inside the world of The League.


What is The League?

Founded in 2014, The League is an invite-only dating app that aims to match accomplished, like-minded singles. Founder and CEO Amanda Bradford, a Stanford MBA grad, was frustrated with the lack of filters and information on other apps that led to mismatched dates. Her solution was to screen users based on education, career, and social connections to curate a high-caliber dating pool.

The app’s tagline sums up its ethos: “Meet. Intelligently.” Rather than endless swiping, The League sends a select number of prospects each day at 5pm, dubbed the “Happy Hour” feature. This encourages intentional, efficient matching.

How to Join the League

Gaining entry to The League is no easy feat. Potential users submit an application that includes their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, along with six photos. The app’s algorithm and a human review team evaluate candidates based on education, career, and social network. Even with an impressive resume, it’s common to languish on the waitlist for months.

Paying members can skip the line, but it will cost you. Membership tiers range from $99 for a single week to $999 for a year, each with increasing perks like more daily prospects, profile boosts, and VIP passes to The League’s exclusive events.

Is The League Legit?

The League has faced criticism as elitist and exclusionary. However, the app maintains that its mission is to create a focused community of users serious about finding a partner, not to promote a “rich people” club.

While the selective admissions process is subjective and the high cost undoubtedly limits access, The League boasts some impressive stats. The app reports that its users are 2x more likely to hold graduate degrees compared to the national average, and 90% are looking for a relationship rather than a hookup.

What Happened to The League?

In July 2022, Match Group, the parent company of Tinder and Hinge, acquired The League for an undisclosed amount. While the future direction under new ownership remains to be seen, the app continues to operate in over 60 cities with a waitlist of nearly 1 million users.

The League vs Raya

The League is often compared to Raya, another exclusive dating app known for its celebrity clientele. Both require an application and screening process, but Raya is even more shrouded in secrecy, with little public information available.

While both attract high-achieving singles, Raya leans more toward creative types and entertainers, whereas The League heavily emphasizes educational and professional credentials. Raya is also pricier at $9.99 per month.

Final Words

The League dating app offers a curated experience for successful singles seeking an equally ambitious match. But that exclusivity comes at a steep price, both in terms of the rigorous screening process and premium membership fees.

For those who make the cut, the focused user base and emphasis on intentional dating may prove worthwhile. However, for many, the app’s restrictive admissions and high cost are likely dealbreakers. As with any dating service, what ultimately matters most is the time and effort invested in making meaningful connections – something no algorithm or VIP pass can guarantee. Whether you choose to vie for a spot in The League or cast a wider net, the key to finding a compatible partner remains putting your best self out there.

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