In a great many cases, bigger is always going to be better, and that also comes into play with your phone. Many iterations of the constantly dueling Android and iPhone phones are always trying to make themselves smaller. Either with smaller screens, less weight, or some combination of the two.

However, a big and bright Android Phone screen can provide a lot of benefits whenever it is used in different situations. Here’s what you need to know about turning up the brightness on the big screen!


If You are a Table Game Player

If you are playing table games online on your mobile devices, you know just how frustrating it can be on a small screen. Casino table games like poker, blackjack, and more all depend on you seeing information on the table. You won’t be able to read and use that information if you are squinting at it due to a small screen.

But with a big screen to play on, you get better entertainment. Especially with regard to casino games that are more like video games than their real-life counterparts. The more screenspace you have the more fun it will be!        

So don’t be afraid to play your casino games on some of the largest Android phones available. From the SONY Xperia 1 IV with its 6.5-inch screen to the massive SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold 4 with its 7.6 unfolded screen size! Get excited to have a big phone, and then get back to your game!

Watching a Movie Or Video

Whether you are watching TikToks after a long day, or need to watch the big game on your phone because your TV stopped working, a big screen can be very helpful! Having a small screen close to your face can hurt your eyes, hands, and posture. Plus if you are in a group you don’t want everyone crowding around you trying to stare at your small phone screen.

A larger screen is going to allow everyone to be more comfortable whenever they watch content. You will be able to see everything on the screen without needing to squint. Plus, shoving the phone close to your face to pick out the small details isn’t always useful. A big and bright screen makes content watching much easier, so don’t be afraid to use it when the scenario comes up!

When Typing Or Texting

We’ve all fat-fingered something on a small screen and dealt with the consequences. Maybe we misspelled a word, didn’t autocorrect in time, or hit send instead of delete. On a phone with a big screen, you won’t make those lack of space mistakes anymore!

There are some benefits that come with the extra space. You will be able to find and organize things much faster for one, no more constant swiping just to find one app!

Have you ever spent more time making sure your cursor was in the right place than actually typing? With a big phone, that isn’t a problem anymore. You can type an email or text a friend, and can spend more time typing and less time swiping and scrolling! Try your Honor 8X Max with a max screen size of 7 inches out and see how much time you save.

Small screens are great, but once you start typing out a text message on a larger screen, you will never want to go back. After all, the smaller screens are so constrictive!

A Bigger Battery

Finally, the screen isn’t the only big thing on a big phone. You can also rest assured that there is a much bigger battery inside. The large screen size is going to take up a lot of power when in use. Much more power when compared to the smaller phones. However, the larger battery compensates for that. Then you can use your big-screen phone without fear.

Don’t you hate it when you are in the middle of a conversation and your battery dies? Or you are playing a video game and that red flashing battery symbol goes off? With bigger phones, those scenarios will happen much less often!

So make sure to get a phone with a big screen, but also an equally large battery life! Like the  Sony Xperia 10 IV with a 24-hour battery and a 6-inch screen. You will be able to have that phone on all day before it needs to be charged again!

Go Big Or Go Home With Your Small Phone

Forget about being a part of the trend where everything needs to be smaller. Instead, focus on making your phone bigger! There are plenty of wonderful advantages that come with a massive phone, especially today when many tech companies try to get involved in the business, including Google which does a great job in the industry, so use that big screen to the fullest, empowered by the latest technologies.

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