If you have been excited about the release of the new Google Pixel 8 series and Android 14 with it, chances are you want to know the verdict regarding the new operating system. Is it worth it? Are the features advanced and improved?

Well, Android 14 has introduced a plethora of amazing features, and it looks like the users are going to be pretty excited to let things unfold.

If you are wondering if Android 14 is worth the hype, we have all the details lined up for you in this article.


When did Android 14 release?

Android has been using names of desserts and sweet treats for their newer operating system launches, so it isn’t surprising that Android 14 has one from a similar realm.

The Android 14 has officially been dubbed as “Upside Down Cake” following the Pixel 8 series launch. The beta version of the OS was launched on July 14, and the stable and official version with Pixel 8.

The new Android 14 OS is currently only available in the Google Pixel phones that are compatible with the new update.

What are the new features of Android 14?

With any new operating system launch, especially Android, the one thing that the users are curious about is the set of new features.

In short, what’s new?

To be fair, Android has included a series of small and big changes in the Android 14 OS, and we have lined up for you here.

1.    Larger fonts

Regarding accessibility, one of the most integral parts is the font. No one wants to indulge in fonts that are small and restrictive. To make their devices more accessible, Android 14 comes with larger fonts than what was available before.

Compared to Android 13, users will now be able to increase their device’s font sizes by 200% more, which is crazy.

2.    Notification flashes

Another new addition to the list of features is flash notification. The device’s flashlight and display will light up when you receive a new notification. This particular feature will come a lot in handy for people who are hard of hearing.

The display flash will also be customizable, allowing users to select the color it will light up in and change things around in the settings.

3.    Regional improvements

Sometimes, even when relocating to a new country, we want to keep measuring or counting things as our regional country. This is where the new regional improvements will come into play. There will be specific regional improvements to the features from temperature to length and weight.

4.    New permission for alarms

With this, the newly installed applications, besides clocks and calendars, will have to seek the user’s permission to schedule the exact alarm feature. New tweaks and improvements are being added in that regard as well, as the developers said.

5.    New battery information

If you want to keep an eye on your device’s battery health, this feature is pretty unique in Android 14. It will provide the users with information about the battery’s manufacturing date and the cycle count, too. Users can find this in the Settings, under About Phone.

6.    Bid adieu to older Android apps

With the new Android 14 OS, users will no longer be able to download super old Android apps. This includes the older apps previously developed for the older Android versions like Android 5.1 and below. This is to shield the newer devices against malware.

7.    Better permission features

With Android 13 when an app asked permission to access media and contacts, the options were yes or no. Users with Android 14 will now have access to better controls with this new feature. The new update will allow users to only access a select few photos or videos using the permission feature.

8.    Enhanced PIN privacy

When you are trying to make an online payment and enter your PIN, the animations often give away what the PIN is, which can be risky when you have strangers around you. With Android 14 OS, the users cannot disable the animation settings to make typing the PIN a lot more inconspicuous. It will also remove the OK button when you are unlocking the device, which means the device will unlock as soon as you enter the PIN.

9.    Data sharing updates

With Google and Android, one of the most common concerns the users have is related to the data sharing functions. One of the biggest updates is that the users of an app will be informed about any privacy policy changes that the apps make. So, if there are any issues with those updated terms, users will be informed, and they will have the choice to uninstall the app if they want to.

10. Customization features

Like any other Android update, even Android 14 comes with a plethora of amazing customization features that will contribute to the user experience. From lock screen customization to widgets and apps, the list is quite extensive.

What is the final verdict?

If you are wondering if installing the Android 14 is worth the time, we’d recommend you go for it. Firstly, Android 14 doesn’t introduce any earth-shattering features but focuses more on small updates and tweaks to improve consumers’ user experience.

With the upgrades to the security and privacy policies and the refreshed look, the Android 14 is surely worth the time and worth the download as well.

Also, the transitions and animations that come with the new Android 14 look quite smooth and promising, which will surely optimize the user’s interest in the device. This seems like a pretty good and subtle update, something that addresses some of the basic concerns that several users have complained about all this while.

If your aim was for big upgrades and changes to the features and functionalities, you might not find Android 14 up to your expectations. However, if you were focused on improved functionalities and relevant tweaks, we’d 100% recommend checking this out.

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