In the field of digital marketing, social media marketing is one of the most exhausting yet thrilling jobs. Just like every other branch of digital marketing, managing social media platforms require a keen eye for trends and an excellent understanding of the arena. However, since social media can be used by pretty much everyone regardless of experience, the playing ground can be quite competitive. There’s nothing easier than starting your business page on Facebook or creating an account on Twitter, after all. The only thing that makes or builds your online business is how you carry out your marketing strategies. This makes it crucial for marketers to find the best and most efficient ways to operate their accounts, and using some effective apps can certainly make their job more rewarding.

If you’re a social media marketer looking to up your game, here are 7 must-have apps for you to start using.


1. Social Media Apps

Merely having a presence on social media is not always enough. Sometimes, you need to expand your reach beyond the platforms you’re using to attract a different or a wider segment than the one you’re currently targeting. This is important for your digital marketing strategies, which is likely why paying attention to the number of followers you have is key to evaluating your reach. If your organic growth is slow, you can opt for a service that provides you with followers for a fee, which will, in turn, help your company grow organically later on. That said, studying the statistics of multiple platforms and building your strategies upon your findings is always the best place to start.

After setting up your social media profiles, make sure that you’re getting the most out of their features by installing their apps. Most platforms now have mobile applications for marketers to manage their accounts almost as efficiently as using the desktop version. For instance, having the Facebook Page Manager and Ads Manager apps is a must for every marketer.

Social Media Apps

2. Content Management Apps

The key to every successful marketing strategy lies in the content created. However, creating content is more than just putting some words together; it’s about the experience your end-user gets after accessing your content. And with all the different forms of content available, managing your posts across multiple platforms can be quite daunting. This makes using a content management app the best aid you can have to minimize effort and maximize efficiency. Using content management apps, you can create, schedule, publish, and edit content across multiple platforms all at once.

3. A Video Editor

Speaking of content, there’s no way you can implement effective marketing strategies without incorporating videos in your posts. However, creating videos has always been thought of as a complex and daunting task that’s best left to the professionals. While it’s true that most video editing programs require high levels of skills and expertise, you’ll be able to find movie-makers that give you simple yet effective results.

4. A Graphic Design Tool

The same can be said for graphic design tools. Not every tool will be as comprehensive as Photoshop, but, if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find a simple tool to fulfill that function. These tools can be used to make simple edits to your pictures, add branding to your photos, and even create designs from previously-made templates.

5. Content Feed Apps

Despite how good your content creation skills may be, a time will come when it feels like you’re out of ideas to write about. In those times, and in the times when you need to stay on top of the news, subscribing to content feed apps can save your life. These apps will give you both the latest news and the inspiration you’re looking for.

6. Sharing Tools

Let’s say your marketing strategy utilizes Instagram. As effective as Instagram marketing is, you won’t be able to repost various posts of your followers to promote your campaigns, which is why you’ll need an independent reposting app to do that. Other sharing tools improve the sharing experience in the course of your work. Such services allow you to drag, drop, and stream media files instead of having to upload and download your files multiple times.

7. Analytics Tools

Every marketer knows that analyzing performance is even more important than creating content. If you don’t know how your campaigns are performing or how your audience is engaging, you’ll keep wasting a lot of effort and resources in the wrong direction. This is exactly why having strong analytics tools is crucial for your success as a marketer.

As a marketer, you will constantly be faced with challenges when curating your social media strategies. The only way you can stay on top of your competition is to maximize the efficiency of your operations. To do so, having effective and practical apps to manage your accounts and operate your daily tasks will prove to be quite beneficial.