What Is OCR?

OCR is a procedure that helps in extracting the text hidden in an image. This procedure saves a lot of time for the user that is consumed by making notes on the word or another format. The full form of OCR is optical character recognition, the name itself describing its functionality to convert image to text.

Purpose of The OCR Software:

The optical character recognition is used for the following purposes:

  • Extraction of text from books – the reading also has become associated with the gadgets in the digital era. People read books in the soft form on the devices. If anyone wants to convert the book into editable text in order to take the reference or the citations, then optical character recognition tools are beneficial.
  • Overcome retyping – retyping is a very time-consuming task to do. The optical character recognition tools can be used as well for such people who have to do retyping from an image. This will save their time optimally.
  • Conversion of image or document in English – the majority of the people understands English and has to work in the English language officially and academically. So they want the conversion of images or documents in the English language. Then you are at the right spot, and the OCR tool helps you in this conversion. This ensures the saving of time and money.

The quality and the working ability of such tools are great that these provide the English text with great grammar and spelling.

Optical Character Recognition Software:

The tools and software, image OCR, are available online. There are multiple websites that offer an image OCR tool to convert pictures to the text within a small time frame. The plus point is that the majority of the converting image OCR tools that are present online are accessible because of their free access. These do not charge any charges for its usage.

It is important to keep in mind while using an image OCR that 100 % accuracy is hard to achieve. But these tools are quite efficient in providing you with a close result of the picture to text. Are you looking for a tool that provides the result of the conversion of the picture to text? Then you are in the right place. We provide you with the names of a few best ranking tools that can help you to convert images to text in just a few moments.

 Following are the 5 best tools that provide this facility:

  1. PrePostSEO
  2. PhotoScan
  3. LightPDF
  4. i2OCR


Prepostseo is not just an app to convert picture to text or image to text, but it is a website that has a large number of tools like:

  • SEO tools
  • Educational tools
  • Business tools and a few more

Prepostseo image to text converter provides the text by the extraction process from the different format of images. The formats can be TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, and JPG. All these formats are easy to deal with and convert it into editable text. Prepostseo and its tools are 100 % free to use. So just switch on your device, make it connected to the internet server. Open the website of Prepostseo, go to the “tools” corner and Search for the desired tool.


PhotoScan is an online app having OCR feature. This optical character recognition app is an app of windows 10, so it is available on the Microsoft store for downloading. The working principle of the PhotoScan involves two major parts, which are:

  1. Scanning of OCR
  2. Reading of QR code

In the conversion of the picture to text, the text that is written by hand or printed can be done by photo scan. You can use this app on your computer and the laptop for the review of the image, after the image OCR, the text is displayed on the window next to the image. There is a speaker sign on the main page of it, by which you can listen to the text. PhotoScan is best for converting images to text for a printed text image.


LightPDF is one of the top converters of the picture to text. It is an online tool that can be accessed and operated with an internet connection. It is, basically, a pdf program with the built-in optical character recognition in it. The usage is quite easy, so anyone can operate it easily. It supports different formats like JPG PDF and PNG. The proper method of using and getting the desired result from LightPDF is as follows:

  • Open the website and go for the OCR.
  • Drag or drop the image in the input section.
  • Select a language from the list of different languages and select the format of the output that you desire for
  • Click “convert” and the result will appear.
  • Download it and use it whenever you want.

It is the pros and cons of any tool that helps in making a decision whether we want that tool or not. Following are the plus points of LightPDF which makes it desirable for the users:

  • The conversion of the image is possible in the different formats of text (pdf, ppt, word, excel)
  • The gained data is editable.
  • The user-friendly and simple interface
  • No ads on the site
  • Speedy outcome delivery
  • Maintains privacy by immediate deleting of the image after use


This tool is a web-based tool that converts the picture to text. It provides the OCR associated features. Along with web use, it also can work on the desktop as a desktop tool. It has 60 languages in its database for the conversion. The interface is quite simple in use. It also maintains the privacy of the client. The supported formats of i2ocr are PBM, TIF, PNG, JPG, PGM and PPM.

The operation of the i2OCR is free. The files can be inserted in two ways. When you insert an image on it, the outcome can be achieved by various methods. If the image is of the internet, then you do not have to download it, it can be inserted directly. The acquired text can be edited on the google docs. Before saving the output, you have the option to preview it first. is a site that facilitates its users in inverting the image or document in the editable text format. You do not have to install the software for its use. The documents in the PDF format are easy to extract.

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