The gaming industry has been experiencing exponential growth since the founding of the first online casino. This growth is attributed to the ever-rising technology, with mobile phones further accelerating the advancement. A few decades ago, accessing your favourite casino would require a personal computer, a fairly compact and limiting option. Thanks to smartphones that is no longer the case!

These devices have completely transitioned the gaming landscape, expanding the online gambling market and creating a new fanbase. Some of the ways smartphones have been able to interrupt the gaming landscape positively are through:   


Ease of Access

Smartphones have become an integral part of human life, with mobile phone developing companies making sure there is something for everyone. Most smartphones can accommodate gaming and casino applications, all of which have unique features. For instance, the Betano app provides some decent wagering options to players, whether they want to place pre-match or in-play bets. You don’t need to cough up significant amounts of money to gamble or play games on the move.

Such accessibility, especially when compared to PCs, has helped boost the growth of mobile gaming exponentially. Besides, with the advent of smartphones, players get compact, user-friendly mobile websites/outlook. The layout maximises easy-of-navigation and adaptability regardless of your display, making it easy to play games, even for novice players. The result is the attraction of new gamers from around the globe.

Emergence of New Business Models

The growth of mobile phones has helped develop new business models, such as microtransactions and free-to-play gaming solutions. According to research on mobile payments, it is estimated that by 2026, more than 60% of the global population will be using e-wallets, hitting a new high of 5.2 billion users. This means that players from around the globe can conveniently make online transactions and use the money as bankroll or for in-game purchases.

Those who are not in a position to play games for real money can enjoy the free-to-play/demo modes on the move and still have absolute fun online. These new business models have drummed up record-high numbers in regular players, revolutionising mobile gaming.

Spread of Cross-Platform Gaming

Before the emergence and expansion of smartphones, players had a problem with cross-platform gaming due to the inaccessibility of the available gaming devices. However, smartphones have ignited the spread of this gaming mode, making it possible to enjoy a session regardless of the device you are using.

With the help of cross-platform technology, iOS and Android users can play the same game without experiencing any bugs or glitches. This has helped boost the market share of mobile gaming. Players just need a compatible device that can accommodate the game or online casino app.

Introduction of Blockchain Casinos

Smartphones have influenced the rise of blockchain casinos by simplifying the integration of cryptocurrency applications with mobile gambling apps. Players can easily download crypto wallets, link them with their casinos, and play their favourite casino games with altcoins such as Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. Blockchain casinos assure rapid transactions!

After all, the payment options process deposits instantly, whereas withdrawals range between 15 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the brand you use. Blockchain casinos also deliver unmatched security by creating anonymity.

Induction of VR and AR Technologies

Thanks to smart devices, software developers are gradually introducing players to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) games. These innovations are meant to make casino games immersive by allowing players to have a close feel of the casino games. However, for players to enjoy AR and VR while playing games, they need smartphones to hold the applications. Besides, smartphones have proven to be the most inexpensive way for players to get the most out of the technologies.

Using Virtual Reality, software providers generate real-like environments, whereas Augmented Reality allows players to interact with the environment. You only need your smartphone and VR headsets to get the most out of the innovation. A casino game, VR poker, is already utilising AR and VR technologies to spice up user experience. Launching the card game triggers a simulated environment that allows you to enjoy online games up close. Software providers will implement the technology on most titles in no time.

Future of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is thriving and will continue to do so, thanks to the rising number of mobile users globally, positively impacting the industry. According to statistics, the number of smartphone users in 2023 is estimated at 5.25 billion. The figure is expected to rise further in the years to come. The rapid uptake of 5G will also see users enjoy a lag-free gaming experience, with technologies such as 3D imagery leading to high-resolution textures making the games more immersive than before.

Lastly, the fusion of mobile gaming and other industries, like eSports, will help the sector reach a wider audience.

In a Nutshell

The emergence of new technology and ongoing innovations all point to a promising future of mobile gaming! This will further be stimulated by the rapid growth of smartphone users worldwide. Smartphones are catalysing the spread of cross-platform gaming and the emergence of new business models while making online casinos accessible like never before. They have also eased the implementation of AR and VR, one of the biggest innovations in the mobile gaming scene.

The changing landscape will attract more players, altogether increasing traffic to different gaming apps. Thanks to smartphone penetration and the technologies involved, mobile gaming will continue setting records in different sectors.

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