To this day, Marijuana – and everything else that’s even slightly associated with it – remains to be a touchy subject (read more). The stigma around the plant that can cause a “stoner’s high” remains to be controversial because we hear too many stories of it “being bad” for us that we pay no attention to actual scientific breakthroughs made in the study of Cannabis.

Marijuana is merely part of the Cannabis family; it isn’t all there is to it. There are so many variants under the Cannabis family that has more medicinal potential than destructive tendencies. Take medicinal hemp, for example.


What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a variant of the Cannabis Sativa plant that is legally farmed for medicinal purposes. It has less potent levels of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and thus, does not influence a person’s mind like its infamous counterpart: Marijuana.

Aside from being grown for medicinal purposes, hemp also has various industrial uses. For instance, it can be used as material for fabric, which can then be used to manufacture all sorts of products like bags, hats, etc.

The growth rate of this plant can be likened to that of the bamboo plant – fast and plentiful. This is why many hemp growers positively advocate for the normalization of hemp use. After all, it is a sustainable source of materials for both medicinal and industrial use.

CBD From Hemp

Another thing that can be produced from hemp is CBD or Cannabidiol. In recent years, the market has grown more and more open to accepting Cannabidiol as a natural alternative to store-bought medicine. It is used in a variety of products – from oils and lotions to gummy candies and even pet snacks. Now, multiple companies produce quality grade Cannabidiol.You can check or similar sites to know more. Recently, CBD pre-rolls have also been growing more popular, especially for chain smokers who want to switch to a healthier alternative.

This “boom” in the CBD industry is largely brought about by various academic researches that have gathered significant positive data to prove the many health benefits humans can get from using Cannabidiol-based products.

Now that people have grown accustomed to the idea of using Cannabis-derived products, let me debunk, some of the oldest yet surprisingly persistent myths some people still insist on believing about CBD:

Using CBD-based Products Will Get You In Trouble With The Law

Maybe, if you’re still living in the early 90’s. Then again, CBD is also as good as non-existent back then. Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill has been passed and approved by governing authorities, the farming of industrial hemp, which is the source of the substance has been legalized. Thus, buying products from legitimate and registered businesses will not get you arrested.

Again, this is for CBD people. The THC-free derivative of hemp. If you are smoking pot – aka Marijuana – in states where it is yet to be legalized, then that’s when you get in trouble. Stick with CBD pre-rolls and stay out of trouble.

Smoking or Ingesting CBD Will Get You “High”

Although CBD does resemble some effects of Marijuana, such as appetite stimulation (or what potheads would refer to as “the munchies”), it will not get you “high.” The reason for this is because it contains very minimal and almost negligible levels of THC – the cannabinoid that is largely responsible for messing with people’s brains. Without THC, Cannabis Sativa becomes devoid of psychoactive properties that could influence a person’s thought processes.

Cannabidiol, at most, will help relax your muscles and release tension from your body. This is because it has properties that can lower cortisol levels in your body, otherwise known as stress hormones. So yes, it will make you feel relaxed, but you’ll stay sane 100% of the time.

CBD Works Best When Taken Orally

Not really a myth but more like a piece of advice. People think that the fastest way to get CBD running in their system is by taking it orally – through capsules, tablets, or syrups. Anything that’s ingested, really. However, if you really want to relieve yourself of anxiety or built-up tension, the fastest way to do that is through inhalation.

In other words, using CBD pre-rolls or what I’d like to call “legal joints.” When you ingest the substance, it goes through the digestive process before it gets into the bloodstream and is delivered to the rest of the body. When you inhale it, gaseous molecules of the compound are quickly absorbed by the cell walls in the lungs and distributed to the bloodstream.