Are you wondering that how to make and use AR Emojis on the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus? So let’s see here the best method to make AR Emojis.

The Samsung is a world most popular tech giant that recently launched the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in Korean. These phones announced at MWC 2018 and have a few of the strange features which have been not exposed before in any Android Smartphone. But if you have bought or want to preorders then must see this wonderful features and it’s amazing functionality. One of their features is AR Emojis. Just like Apple’s Animoji, Samsung has added a feature which let you turn your face, and it’s expression of a human being named AR Emojis.

Also, you can easy to make it an animated Emojis of yourself. Yes very easy. It allows users to turn themselves into an animated emojis to show their facial expressions and a few body movements. This AR Emojis can be more custom-made by customizing skin tone, hair color, clothes, and a more which can be shared with family or friends via messaging or social media apps.

So here in this way, we will create own AR Emojis by following steps.

How to Create AR Emojis on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

How to Make AR Emojis On The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

1#: Open Camera App and Navigate to AR Emojis Screen.

2#: Now, Choose to Create My Emoji.

3#: Keep Your Face straight and look into a front camera to take a picture.

4#: Select the gender like Male or Female, and in the next move, it will start creating AR Emoji.

5#: Customize the skin tone, hair color, outfits, and tap OK.

6#: Save AR Emojis to a Gallery, and that will make different versions.

You can have a live demo of created AN Emojis. To view that:

  • Open camera App and select AR Emojis Screen.
  • Select the Emojis that you have created. This will help you to create and build AR Emojis with your face gesture.

There are a few more AR Emojis like a bunny, cat, and a few more.


That’s it now enjoy the new features of Galaxy S9/S9 Plus.