Watching movies or sports games with friends and family becomes more fun. But it becomes hard to have that fun when you all are living at the distance or if you are out of the town. But you can still make your weekend special by watching movies and TV shows together on sites like Yes, there several websites on the internet that allows you to watch any video on the internet or a movie or even live TV on the same platform with your friends where you can share any joke or comment with your friends with its chat option. It’s always fun to watch any movie with your friends. is one of these sites and it became hugely popular among the users for its innovative offering. Rabbit allows you to stream movies, TV shows, live TV, listen to music along with your friends on its platform without any problem. You just need an internet connection and your gang can have the same laughter punches while watching movies over a video interface on But is no longer available. Yes, it has stopped its services and people are looking for the best alternatives online in 2021. There are some great sites similar to that also offer similar features like So we have made a list of some of the top alternatives in 2021 and it is good to bookmaker the best alternatives to so you can use the best suited for you.

If you don’t know which alternatives are the best for you then we have got you covered with this post. We have described the top best alternative sites like So, let’s get started.


9 Best Sites like 2021


After was taken down officially by its operators, most of its operation was taken over by Kast. is now Kast and it offers the same features provided by When any service is providing a similar feature like, it is good but when it is rebranded with more features then it is worth using the site. Kast could be the best alternatives ever. It will always be at the top of our list. Kast with the same features as allows you to host movies and TV and host can over 100 people in the group of friends. Kast also allows you to cast your games and video chat with friends if you want to explore it a little more. So if you are looking for the best alternatives that offer similar features then Kast is the best in this segment now.


Simulchat is the most recommended alternative after the shutdown of the a few months back. This South African site has lots of features to offer including watching the video together with your friends, watch YouTube videos, video calling, file sharing chatting, and many more. The site’s interface may not be the same as but it offers similar features and if you want to try other than Kast then we recommend Simulchat.

Users’ privacy is fundamental at Simulchat. A user can host the video on various social media and all the joined people can have chat and their views about the video they are watching. So just create an account on this alternative and have fun with your friends online watching multiple contents.


Watch2Gether is a German-based site that allows you to stream videos together with your friends and family. Watch2gether could be the best alternatives to Being more than 9 years in the business, Watch2Gether has qualified itself to be one of the apex sites like and it is most trusted among users. You can listen to music with your friends and create playlists. Online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay are integrated with Watch2Gether so you can shop online while watching TV or movies online. It supports Vimeo and LiveLeak along with YouTube. This could be your best choice when you want to try the top alternative sites to


If you have checked other websites to know sites like then you must have seen Rave on the top of the list. It is one of the best alternatives in 2021 because it allows you to stream videos with your friends online and chat with them while watching. What makes it most desirable alternative is its easy interface and easy features & functions. In addition to that users can also upload their own video or movie file to stream with your friends. So just try this alternative and binge-watch movies and shows with your friends without any problem.


BlaTube is also a free alternative to and you could use it in 2021 as the best alternative. You just have to create a free account on this site and stream it with your friends for free. One of the best features of this alternative is that it supports Dropbox along with YouTube and all the other files. BlaTube is considered to be one of the best alternatives because it allows users to have control over the other PCs of the friends only limited to streaming. Chat room is also available and it guarantees the privacy to have a conversation plus, you can also indulge with other chat rooms.

Other honorable mention:

  • Togethr TV
  • ShareTube
  • Airtime
  • Synaptop

Final words:

Use any of the given alternatives and tell us which one do you like the most. There are many more similar sites like that allow you to stream video from the internet with your friends. Use these sites for free and all you have to do is create a free account and have fun with your friends just like you are sitting with them. If you like other than the aforementioned site then, let us know so we can make a tutorial on it.