When it comes to streaming services, we have so many to choose from that it can make your head spin. There are streaming services that are based on interest or network and then there are the choices where viewing is generalized. What is worth the price? What services have shows that you want?

Recently, there are several new names that are popping up when you ask what people are watching. With verizon fios, it is easier to stream these new services and access a variety of programming options. As new streaming services to negotiate contracts with big name shows, people are following them to new ventures.

So, instead of inviting your lady over to Netflix and chill, why not try out one of these three streaming services that are rising to the big leagues?


Crunchyroll has been going strong since 2006 and has expanded its horizons from anime to original content in recent years. Originally, the streaming service enabled fans to watch simulcasts of their favorite animes at the same time they aired in Japan without subtitles, or they simply need to wait an hour and a subtitled version would be available. This enabled the biggest of anime fans to stay up to date with their television shows. Don’t want to pay? That’s fine! Just wait a week and the episode will be available to non-paying users of the service. Over the past several years, the streaming company has expanded into anime merchandise and original content. Several English language shows have popped up exclusively on Crunchyroll and follow the same model as their anime service. With over 2 million paying subscribers, Crunchyroll is definitely making waves in the streaming industry.


A sling is a relatively new streaming service that the majority of you have probably heard of. Known for their quirky commercials, Sling is one of the fastest growing internet television services out there right now. The early growth of the sling was originally slowed by network cable services, Sling has made a comeback and holds fast with 2.5 million subscribers.

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Playstation Vue

Owned by Sony, Playstation Vue got a very slow start on the streaming market. Though it launched around the same time as Sling, Playstation Vue struggled due to a few factors. The first factor was the name. While Sony kept Playstation in the name, people believed that they were required to own a Playstation 4 console. While this is not a requirement, the company did little to squash these beliefs. The second reason was that the price point at launch was exceptionally expensive when compared to competitors. Still, Playstation consistently has the most satisfied customers due to their customer service. Because other services are rising to meet the same price points that Vue is, it has shown a rise in subscribers. As other services rise to meet them, Vue has become more and more competitive while their original content is exceptional.

While there are many streaming services on the market, these three truly stand out among the pack. If you’re looking for good original content and a wide variety of programming, these three services is slowly becoming the most favoured streaming services. Next time your Netflix or Hulu subscription comes up, why not look into one of these? You may get just what you’re looking for.