Are you a fan of football and have been meaning to stream live football directly on your Android device? Well, there are multiple ways to make that happen, thanks to the plethora of amazing applications that are available on the Play Store.

As a football fan, you’d agree that nothing is more thrilling and exciting than being able to watch football matches live and in real time. If you are an Android user and have been looking for reliable and free football streaming apps, we have sorted them for you here.

This guide will explore some of the best free football streaming apps for Android that you can download from the Play Store.

Are the football streaming apps for Android worth the time?

When it comes to free sports streaming applications, one of the most common confusions that people have is wondering if they are no good.

Just because the app is free and available for a direct download doesn’t make it any less competent. With so many different types of applications available, we understand that being skeptical is normal.

However, the good news is that all the free football streaming Android apps are functional and allow you to stream your favorite football events in real time.

What are the best free football streaming apps for Android?

When you go to the Play Store and type “free football streaming apps” in the search bar, be assured that it will revert you to hundreds of available apps.

But the key is to find reliable streaming platforms with as few ads as possible. We have made that easier for you by shortlisting some of our favorite picks.

1.    ESPN ScoreCenter

When talking about free football streaming platforms, ESPN ScoreCenter is the one that deserves a special mention in the list. Not just for Android, the app works effortlessly for iPhones too.

What’s great about this app is that it holds the broadcasting rights for almost all the leading sports events and that includes football. Not only can you watch your favorite football events in real-time, but it also provides on-demand news and expert analysis, which makes the whole experience even more fun.

Also, the app has strong servers and bandwidth, which ensures that the users will not have to worry about watching the content in low-quality.

2.    Football TV Live Streaming HD – Live Football TV

Next up on the list is this app, which is fairly underrated but worth a try. Not only is the app 100% free to use but it is integrated with all the latest features and real-time event updates, which enable you to stream your football tournaments in real-time.

You don’t need to worry about subscription prices or struggling with limited access. Also, the app supports all the leading football tournaments, including World Cup Football, English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, and Europa League, etc.

3.    SuperSport DStv Now App

When talking about free football streaming websites, SuperSport DStv Now App is one that not many Android users are aware of. However, this is a comprehensive platform, which will allow you to stream all your favorite sports content, including football, rugby, cricket, etc.

The user-friendly interface and the lack of intrusive ads on the app are what make it stand out from the crowd of other football streaming apps for Android. 

4.    Potato Streams

Don’t get deterred by the name because Potato Streams is one of the leading and secure football streaming apps on the internet. This is not a sports streaming app exclusively. Instead, it is a lifestyle application with a category for sports streaming.

From football to live Sports TV, you can use this app in varying ways to make your life easier and more organized. Besides the live streaming, the app also supports the latest news and updates and keeps you updated about any sudden roster changes.

5.    iFlix

Next up on the list is iFlix, which is known for being a one-stop destination for all your streaming needs. What’s great about this platform is the fact that it takes care of all your streaming experiences, including sports, entertainment, shows, etc.

Besides that, the platform also enables you to customize your individual shows, sports, and drama into categories to ensure that everything is organized and in one place for easy accessibility.

6.    Live Football TV Streaming HD

As the name suggests, this Android app enables you to stream live football tournaments in HD resolution. The instant access to the football tournament right on your mobile device ensures that you can keep a check on your football tournaments in real time.

You do get to keep up with the logistics of the tournament that is happening, which is great. However, the only complaint that we have with this app is with the show time. It doesn’t showcase the content right when it airs on television but a little later.

7.    CBS Sports

When it comes to reliable news and football streaming networks and apps, CBS Sports deserves a special mention. This free Android application not only allows you to live stream your favorite football event, but you can also keep up with the news and updates and the expert analysis of the game.

Besides the viewing options, the app also offers a plethora of customization options, wherein you can adjust the resolution of the picture for a better viewing experience.

8.    Navscore

Navscore is a popular free mobile sports application, wherein you get to access your favorite football games and the scores of the tournaments too. More than the aspect of live streaming, the app is known for providing access to predictions and the ongoing progress of the football event.

You can keep up with the scores in real time, which is a pretty great thing, especially if you are stuck somewhere with no way to stream the actual football tournament.

9.    Live Football TV Scores – watch live football APK for Android

If you never want to miss a football match in your life, having this app installed on your Android device will take care of the same. Not just the live streaming experience, the app also keeps you updated with the latest scores, which is a benefit.

What’s great is that the app covers pretty much all the leading football tournaments, including the English Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. You can keep a check on all your favorite football clubs in real time.

10. RedFoot: Live Football

Last on the list is RedFoot, which is an Android app that lets you watch your favorite football events in real-time, as they are happening. More than a sports app, you can categorize this as a lifestyle application since it has a variety of related categories too.

Coming to the list of football tournaments it covers, the app will enable you to watch all the popular ones like EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Champion Leagues. So, if you don’t want to miss out on any good live football event, this is where you start.


Want to stay hooked on all the latest football streaming events and tournaments on your Android device? Well, we have sorted you with some of the most popular, free, and reliable applications that you can consider downloading on your smartphone.

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