When it comes to IP cameras, it is critical that you choose some of the best cameras in the market that not only give you value for money but also reliable information. Currently, the market is awash with various IP security cameras, and making the right choice is increasingly becoming harder.

To make this easier for you, we shall discuss the features to look out for before you buy an IP camera.


What to look out for in an IP Camera

Before we check out the best Netgear IP camera for surveillance, let’s just run through quickly the specifications and features that make a camera outstanding.

  • Footage quality: The value of a camera largely lies in the quality of its footage. You should, therefore, find an IP surveillance camera with a great video quality to get the most of your investment. Additionally, the camera you settle on should possess acceptable to excellent night-vision properties to ensure you are always safe even in your sleep.
  • Intelligent systems: Following closely is how the surveillance camera detects and reacts to movement. Here, a great camera would record only when there is unusual movement in its area of view. You surely won’t need an alert for every falling leaf too.

For the high-end surveillance cameras, you may opt for the ones with a facial recognition to distinguish family from strangers. The camera’s intelligence should also enable it to track movement in its area of view.

  • Angle of view: You should look for wider view cameras so as to minimize the number of cameras you may need within a building. The wider angles cover larger areas to reduce cost.
  • Affordability: As a matter of principle, you should consider buying a camera which offers value and is also within your budget. Though surveillance cameras do not have major maintenance needs, one that is manageable would be just fine.

The Best Netgear Cameras for surveillance indoor and outdoor


Netgear Arlo Q plus

The Arlo Q plus shares most of its qualities with the Arlo Q. The cameras have the same angle of view, video quality and motion sensors. However, with the Arlo Q plus, you have a lot more local storage, Ethernet, and Power over Internet connection on top of its Wi-Fi.

Netgear Arlo Q

The Netgear Arlo Q is an HD surveillance camera with all the features of its sister cameras except that it is more suitable for indoor use. Nevertheless, its footage quality, night vision and 130-degree recording angle are a great plus for a camera of similar size and portability.

Netgear Arlo Go

This version of Arlo works virtually anywhere, courtesy of its weather-resistant quality. It also has a built-in SD card slot that allows one to store hours of recorded footage. It has a two-way audio system which is compatible with Stringify, IFTTT, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Netgear Arlo Pro

This version of the Arlo pro is a wireless surveillance camera with a rechargeable battery. It is also able to record footage in a USB and offers flexible powering options as you could plug it in or use its long-lasting batteries.

It also features an advanced motion detection system and an integrated night vision.

Netgear Arlo pro 2

This Arlo camera delivers crisp 1080p HD images, with the option to buy the lower quality footage cameras cheaply. It is a wireless camera with weather-proof qualities making it one of the best deals for either outdoor or indoors surveillance.

You get seven days free footage recording or up to 1GB of cloud storage. However, this does not include “flat footage” with no action. The recording is only triggered when movement is detected.  Likewise, the Netgear Arlo pro comes with a built-in siren that lets you know any suspicious movements in your home at the comfort of your phone or desktop. It also features the Amazon Alexa which enables you to listen to the sounds and also speak from the camera.

With the surveillance camera market evolving every day to keep up with the growing consumer demands, finding the right camera for your home is a major concern, especially if you are not a technical person but you still need a great surveillance camera. With this guide, though, you should pretty much find your way through.

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