While thinking about the dash cam or rear view mirror dash cam, the KDLINKS X1 is the first name that comes to my mind. Because it is the only device that is offering such a wide and excellent range of amazing features. So, today we came here with this in-depth review of the KDLINKS X1.

In this review, we will talk about this amazing dashboard camera and we will share every single feature of this car dash cam. And we hope that after reading the complete review of this amazing device you will get it helpful to you.

So, very first let me clear one thing, that I am not a big fan of big names and brands, and I always prefer the quality instead of the expensive products. So, just because of the decent quality we choose the KDLINKS X1 to review here.


Well, without wasting the much time let’s get ready to check out the complete review of this amazing device.


Features of KDLINKS X1

1#. G- sensors

The KDLINKS X1 comes with a high performing G sensor which automatically detects everything on road and the in case of emergency the lock button locks the video file, this protects it from deletion of data (evidence).

2#. Inbuilt GPS

The inbuilt feature of GPS keeps and records data in the form of video clips, you can also keep a track of your vehicles and its relation. additionally, it provides you with information of speed and the route taken on google map. All this can be tracked via the KDLINKS X1 software. if you are skeptical, you can test it on the official website of KDLINKS. you can also download the sample video and the software.

3#. Accident Detection feature

Emergency Lock Button ensures complete safety additionally, the excellent KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam comes with a highly effective feature i.e. accident auto detection. This helps to lock current recording of the video file.

4#. Great Video Quality


The KDLINKS X1 can capture up to 1165 degree wide angle lens and has the feature of wide dynamic range technology which captures everything with its intelligence. The KDLINKS X1 comes with 2.7 inches wide screen which has bright LCD. you can also play the recording clips when you are inside the vehicle. There is no need to transfer the file to an external device. It is the best companion when you are away with your family for a happy trip. It will help you to capture and see your happy moments.

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5#. Added SD card for extra storage

The pack of KDLINKS X1 comes with an 8 GB micro SD card which can be used as per your need. Additionally, the KDLINKS X1 dash cam comes with an innovative suction cup mount which allows you to place the dash cam without any clutter of tangled cables. The camera has an ultra slim design which adds beauty to your vehicle.

6#. Value for money

KDLINKS X1 is the best in the market which has excellent features at an affordable cost. It is a complete package, which has all the advanced technology that ensures road safety.

Here, complete guide for KDLINKS X1 Full-HD 1920 x 1080 165 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera and you choose best for above that is very helpful all time.

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