Friday, September 21, 2018


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Smartphone vs Tablet

Smartphone vs Tablet

Smartphones and tablets are very similar in terms of their user interfaces, and it would be an easy assumption to make that a tablet is just a larger version of a smartphone, however, they...
best Amazon Prime phone deals

Amazon Prime Day 2018: Best Phone To Buy On This Prime Day

Since the online sellers have started selling the unlocked smartphone in the market, people have become crazy to get the unlocked version of their favorite smartphone. If you are looking for a best-unlocked phone,...
Samsung Gear S4 Leaks

Samsung Gear S4 Leaks: The Wear OS Based Gear S4 Coming As “Galaxy Watch”

Ever since people have been complaining about the lack of Gear S1, S2, and S3 apps and people are asking “should I wait for Gear S4”, Samsung has been planning to provide a wider...