The high tech innovations have turned classic skateboards into more powerful, fun, and highly portable vehicles. Electric skateboards have been growing its popularity across the world as a better solution for efficient travel. Skating makes your ride much faster with advanced braking systems that ensure the users control the speed, whether on flat, uphill, or downhill surfaces.

With an e-skateboard, you don’t have to pay fares or burn any fuel just to get to your destination. It saves you a penny to run your errands or attend to any appointments conveniently. Since having this portable vehicle has a lot of benefits, you still have to consider certain things to ensure that you’re buying the right board that will fit your needs.

Here are some tips on how you choose the right electric skateboard for your daily short trips.

Consider Size and Weight

One of the things you should always consider before purchasing an electric skateboard is its size and weight. Think about where you intend to use it. Are you going to use it on a daily basis or occasionally? Usually, lighter boards don’t offer many features and flexibility, but you don’t want to have a massive and super heavy type as it will not be convenient to carry. Consider the one that is light enough to carry for a certain distance. Aside from the weight itself, you should also check the capacity it can hold. Ensure that it is durable enough to support your weight on a fast-paced movement.


Considering the performance like the speed, braking system, and other stuff is essential, especially when you’re going to use it as your mode of transportation on a daily basis. The average speed of an electric skateboard is around 15 km/h and up to 45 km/h. Know the level of your experience and confidence that will be suitable enough for your safety and also check your community guidelines regarding the appropriate speed limit. It usually has a better braking system and controls to click here, which not only makes your ride better but also makes it more convenient to travel around. These advanced types of skateboards have hub motors and are mostly faster.


Checking the type of wheels used is also an important thing to look out before making a purchase. There are various types of wheels used in different models of an electric skateboard. Good wheels provide a smooth and stable journey. It is not uncommon for an individual to pay a great deal of money on an electric skateboard and end up having to replace the wheels after only a few rides. Bigger wheels are more durable, especially on unstable grounds. Wheels that are made from urethane are the most recommended type that lasts longer than others.

Overall, electric skateboards are a fun and an excellent way of embracing the future and innovative transportation. Whether you’re looking for ordinary average features or an advanced model, you’ll have a better choice by considering the above-mentioned tips. It is a great opportunity to even more appreciate your local surroundings while riding a more enjoyable way of skateboarding.