More and more people incorporate a tablet among their favourite devices. Due to their versatility and comfort, they have become essential for many users, even as a work tool, but it is not easy to choose between the models on the market.

Usually, people invest most of their tech budget on phones, but tablets are a different kind of breed and should not be forgotten.

What do you need to consider when buying a tablet?

The first thing you have to think about is the use you are going to give your tablet and the budget you want to reserve for it. Do you want it to watch videos? Do you plan to use your favourite apps? Will you give him a professional job? Will you use it to draw? All these questions, you will have to ask yourself before deciding on a specific model.

Depending on your needs, you will have to take into account some specific characteristics for your next tablet:

The ideal is to opt for the best screen that your budget allows, looking for a high resolution, good image quality and brightness range.

On the other hand, do not forget that this is a portable device, so you will probably want to take into account the battery life and other aspects such as file and data storage capacity.

In relation to the previous points, if you also want it to perform in any usage scenario, you will have to take into account the specifications related to performance.

To do this, let’s compare the balance between the processor and RAM.



Taking all the above into account, Apple remains one of the big contenders when it comes in tablets. Their iPads have been a reference for many years and there is a model for each type of user. At the top of its range we find the iPad Pro (2021), the latest version of Apple’s most powerful tablet with the new M1 chip. In addition to superior performance and a battery that can last a full day of use, it has one of the best resolution screens around. It is fully compatible with Apple Pencil, as it is one of the preferred models for cartoonists and designers. Available in various models and colours, the 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage is a real machine.


Samsung is one of the few companies capable of rivaling the iPad. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a very powerful unit with high performance and battery. Among its advantages is its 14.6” screen, slightly larger than other models. In addition, it includes the S-Pen to start taking advantage of its features from day one. With various models to choose from, from 8 to 16GB of RAM and from 128 to 512GB of storage, it is a model designed for the most demanding users.


The new 10.4-inch model makes the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite an ideal tablet in the upper-middle range for all audiences. It competes indirectly with the iPad 10.2” (2021) and is suitable for almost all uses, from graphic design to gaming. Features of superior ranges, such as the metallic finish or the included S-Pen, make this tablet a robust, yet lightweight device. It is very versatile and suitable for various uses. Whether for home use, through educational use and even for some professionals, this is the ideal Samsung tablet if you cannot opt for superior models such as the S8 Ultra. More than enough for most users.


If we point to the mid-range, we find in the Tab M10 FHD Plus a very versatile tablet with an attractive design and metal finish. It has a large screen with a good resolution among the tablets in its range with which you can enjoy the games. The new games are now available on all platforms, including games from the best new online casinos, allowing gamers to play their favourite casino games to play with real money, and regarding their budget, without compromising on quality and experience. There are a lot of new casinos out there, but, to play for real money, you need to check the deposit methods, withdrawals and customer service options they offer, as a 24/7 service casino is a must when playing for real money. Moreover, this tablet is equipped with Dolby Atmos, it is ideal for listening to music, movies and even enjoying games that do not require the latest features. If you are a lover of sound games and a fan of war games like Call of Duty Mobile, playing from this device will transport you to the battlefield.

It also incorporates easy recognition technology to unlock the device with a smile and works perfectly to give voice commands with the Google Assistant.


We close our selection with a model for those who are looking for maximum performance in the minimum space. The 5th Gen iPad mini offers more power than previous models in just 7.9 inches. It retains all the essential features of a tablet, but in dimensions that almost make it a large smartphone if we incorporate a card. The 256 GB model makes this device a perfect companion to carry around, both for those looking for a device that delivers on entertainment and to lean on for work.

Tablets are as important as phones these days, and they even replace a PC in some cases.

We may think the market is a bit overflowed with these devices, but with the help of this list you’ll have a better understanding of what to get.

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