ES File Explorer Pro is the ideal approach should sort out, also oversee your phone’s space. Furthermore every single document on it. For ES record Explorer and Manager PRO, you bring a few reductions through those standard renditions of the app and there need aid no adverts on it. Something like that you could alter it with distinctive color panels, topics Furthermore alternatives. There is a consistent will move forward that app Eventually Tom’s perusing the cooperation which is Creating it.

Eventually, Tom’s perusing utilizing this app you need a fast Also protected lifestyle will wrist bindings What’s more open every one your pictures, movies, apps, documents What’s more music files. You might open compacted formats similar to ZIP Also RAR.

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ES record Explorer PRO could considerably c your gadget using Wi-Fi once your workstation alternately exchanges files will use different devices using Bluetooth. You might find likewise entry cloud platforms similar to Dropbox, Google Drive, around others, What’s more c your files there. In additionally you can clean your phones’ cache, erase unused files. Furthermore, execute assignments with settle on your telephone run smoothhound and speedier.


TOP 10 Hidden Features of Es File Explorer Pro APK

There are ten hidden features in this smart app which is unknown by the millions of its users and today I will be revealing this features.

Es File explores the common application which works more than one in smart android with this single app and if we recognized this features we would able to save to install other apps in our smartphone and it also save our phone ram to get full.

Hidden Features #1: FILE RECOVERY

ES file explorer pro APK : Features & Install

The first hidden feature of this app is that you can recover the deleted files with the help of ES file explorer pro apk. As you can see in the screenshot there are three dashes in the top close to home page click it. Now go to tools option and scroll down to Recycle Bin button and turn on this button so whenever you delete your files, this will comes to the recycle bin room and you can again restore those file which you don’t want to delete. You can also save them to recycle bin by deleting them, and this file can be played in this room, but no one can see these files in your phone gallery or file manager rooms.

Menu > Tools > Recycle Bin >

Hidden Features #2: COMPRESS & EXTRACT FILES

ES file explorer pro APK : Features & Install

In this hidden feature of this app we can compress many files into the small size and extract the compressed file into our device, this feature does not need any other application, and this feature can be easily performed by this app itself. It had regularly been seen whenever we download software or application from the internet, this file we download in the Zip file or compress.

First, you have to select a file and click on three dashes and scroll down to compress, here you will get two option zip or 7z, and you can also put the password to protect your file and now press OK button to squeeze. The compressed file will appear in the same local main room where other all folders are placed. To extract this file, you need to select Zip file, and from the dash menu here you will get the extract to option will get select and same name folder will appear me the local room.

Select file than Menu > Compress >

Hidden Features #3: BACKUP

ES file explorer pro APK : Features & Install

In this feature, you will able to back up your application. Which is already installed on your phone, whenever we download any app from the play store. And for some reason, you have to delete that app and when you want you to need to go again to the Play store for that application but now with the backup facilities you can quickly get that application from the backup where you app copy is placed, and this process will now use your internet data…. Useful feature, you need to sleet that file which you need to make a backup of that file and click on the backup button as you can see in the screenshot. All those apps which had done for backup are stored in the back folder as an APK file foam. And you can also again install those file from the backup folder.

Hidden Features #4: FILE CONVERTER

ES file explorer pro APK : Features & Install

In this feature we can quickly change the format of any file which does not need any type of converter, for example, if we have a video file in 3GP than you can easily convert into MP4 without any converter, only you need ES file explorer pro apk. To understand you i took three file which is in MP3 format, select file for format and clicked on the icon for the format as is shown in the screenshot, now the file is converted.

Hidden Features #5: GESTURE OPTION

ES file explorer pro APK : Features & Install

In this feature we will be discussing the Gesture option, the primary function of this option is that we can quickly run this application as soon as possible with the help of gesture and save our time.

Click on three dashes, click on tools and scroll down to gesture option and turn on it. Now for shortcut we click on add button and click on common, here you need some shortcut for the close, exit and back as I made for you. To check if this option work goes to any of the folders from your phone and draw B on the screen while you entered in the folder and see whether the folder press back and let you out from the folder if this works that all three option which we made in Gesture shall work.

Menu > Tools > Gesture >

Note: When the button is in blue it means the option is on.

Hidden Features #6: CLEANER

ES file explorer pro APK : Features & Install

Now in the feature, we will be discussing cleaner, again click on the three dash menu and scroll down to tools and select the cleaner option, here all your junk file will be automatically scanned by this smart app itself and clean it.

Hidden Features #7: CLOUD DATA MEMORY

ES file explorer pro APK : Features & Install

In this feature, we can easily see the cloud data memory stored in our online driver such as Google drive with the help of this device, and we can quickly add file or folder to our device with the support of the application. Click on cloud icon and click on plus, here you will get all the online cloud app option. And where ever you have stored your online data you can easily get with this app, such I had my data in Google drive so I click on Google drive icon, and sign in my Google ID, now allow some permission from Google. Now you can see the shortcut of your Google drive in cloud option and open it and enjoy your drive.

Hidden Features #8: AUDIO PLAYER

ES file explorer pro APK : Features & Install

This app also gives one more feature, and that is MP3 Player, wow we do not need any other apps for the music to listen. Click on the same three dash menu button then go to tools, and you will get the Music player in the tools option-click it, and you will get all the audio songs and files from your phone at this one feature of this app and enjoy to listening.

Hidden Features #9: INTERNET BROWSER

ES file explorer pro APK

This app also has the internet browser; we don’t need any other app for internet surfing this problem is also solved in this app. this app also has the internet browser. You can see the bookmark option, in this option, you can easily see the download files, news browser, facebook, and Youtube and other things you can do on your internet browsers.

Hidden Features #10: THEMS 

ES file explorer pro APK

In this last hidden feature we can change the Themes of the application, click on the three dash menu button and go to the themes below the screen; we can also download new ideas as we wanted. You can change the color, background image, add any text or folder style and much other fun which will liked by millions of users.


To Download ES file explorer pro apk click on the blow link from the official play store and install it on your smart android.

ES File Explorer File Manager current Android 4.0 or above is supported with app version

  Download  ES File Explorer Pro Apk

Download From Google Appstore

App Info:

App name: ES File Explorer/Manager PRO
Package Name:
Apk Md5: 390a1f4a244e1a7b613e22d0cf5a33a1
Apk Size: 6.57 MB
Update on Play Store: April 13, 2018
Version Name & Code: Pro 1.1.4 (1015)

Here ES File Explorer Pro gives you another option to operate with Apple device which is something more cool thing about this app.

ES File Explorer File Manager current version 7.1.3 is compatible with the iOS 9.0 or above

Download For iOS