Roku TV stuck on the loading screen is one of the best most common errors that occur while streaming content. Even since the launch of Roku TV, people have loved this platform as it allows watch and enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney +, and a lot more streaming services in one place. 

As the title of this article says how to fix Roku TV stuck on the loading screen, here will give a couple of working solutions that will help this annoying error and watch your favorite movie or TV show without any stoppage. It often happens to me when the Roku TV won’t load the home screen, and Roku app is stuck on the loading screen. But there are a few ways you can fix this issue. Let’s check out the solutions. 


How To Fix Roku TV Stuck On Loading Screen

Method 1: Restart Roku TV

Whenever I stuck to any Roku TV loading screen or faced any minor issue on Roku TV, the first thing I prefer to restart the Roku TV to get over the issue. If you are also stuck at the Roku TV loading screen, you can also restart your TV to fix the issue. To restart TV, press the Home button, go to Settings, scroll down to System, click on System Restart, and tap Restart on the right side of the screen. After that, wait for a while and see if the issue is fixed.

Another way to restart Roku TV is you can tap on Home button 5 times > up arrow button 1 times> rewind button 2 times > fast forward button 2 times. Make sure you press these buttons in a sequence.

Method 2: Reset Roku TV

The second method worked for many users to fix Roku TV stuck on the loading screen issue. Also, it helps to fix some other major issues. You can also try this method to fix the Roku TV won’t load home screen issue. To factory Roku TV, press Home, go to Settings, scroll down to System, go to Advanced System Settings, and then press the Factory Reset button.

Method 3: Contact Roku Support

Tried the above solutions? Did it not work? If so, you can contact Roku Tv support team to fix this issue. Either you can reach the Roku TV Twitter Support page to report the issue or visit Roku Support Contact on the website to file complain and wait for the official solution. 

The Conclusion

We checked all the solutions and tricks to get rid of Roku TV stuck on loading screen error and explained these above. Which method worked for you? Do you know any other solution as well? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment box.