Last year, we saw many reports regarding the Warzone friends list not working problem on PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. Playing Warzone with a friend online is fun. But it would be frustrating to don’t see any friends online even though they are online. Warzone friends list not showing has been reported many users this month.

Since we have seen dozens of complaints about the Warzone friends list not working error in the first month of 2022, we decided to give some working solutions to the users worldwide struggling with the same problem. This article has collected some working solutions to fix the Warzone friends list empty error. Without further ado, let’s check out these methods to eliminate this annoying error.

How To Fix Warzone Friends List Not Working Issue

Method 1: Restart The Game

When you don’t have any friends on the list, even they are online, the first thing you should do is restart the game and recheck the list. So close the Warzone, restart it on your platform, boot up, and see the refreshed friends list. It will appear.

Method 2: Change Cross-Play Settings

To play and matchmaking, the user needs to untick/uncheck the Cross-Play option to be disabled. You can do it by clicking the little box next to the option. If not, it will be a drop-down menu. If this option is already disabled, then you need to re-enable it and disable it again to fix the Warzone friends list not showing the problem.

Method 3: Start A Regiment

Warzone has the Regiment feature to invite and add your favourite players to play together. If you cannot friends list in Warzone, you can start a Regiment to add players. Once you have created a Regiment of your favourite players, you don’t have to check the Friends list anymore. You can quickly add friends from Regiment. To create a Regiment, follow below steps:

  1. Scroll to the Regiment section.
  2. Press on “Create Regiment”.
  3. Give a Regiment name and Regiment Tag.
  4. Use the Invite button to add other players.
  5. Wait for the approval and play with friends.

Method 4: Wait & Watch

Sometimes waiting for 1 or 2 minutes could be helpful to fix the Warzone friends list not working issue. Once you start the game and do not see any friends online in the Warzone friends list, please wait for a couple of minutes to let the game refresh the data and show the friends list.

Method 5: Check For The Update

Whenever you see any minor or major issue arise in the game, checking for the update could be the best method to fix any issue. Similarly, if you think there is a problem with Warzone not showing a friends list, you should check for the game update and ensure it is running the latest version. You can simply do it by clicking the Option and selecting Check For Update.

The Conclusion

The above five solutions worked for many users to fix the Warzone friends list not showing Jan 2022 issue. If you know any other workaround to solve the same issue, share it with us in the comment box.