The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the powerful devices, and they offer 3,300mAh battery capacity to 11 hours of battery life which is not bad for regular use. But some users have reported on the Samsung forum that the Note 8 battery only lasts only around 5-6 hours in the day. Have you also occurrence quick battery drain on your Phablet? Follow these simple tips to improve your Galaxy Note 8 battery life.

There might be different reasons for the unnecessary battery consumption on your Galaxy Note 8. For example, it might be due to power-hungry facial appearance or a bug. Let’s look at all the feature and expand the battery life of your Phablet!


How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Fast Battery Drain Issue

Solution 1: Turn off the Always-on Display

As well Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus’s always-on display features, and similar to Note 8 also has an always-on display function. They show the battery usage status in real time, small clock, date, and notification instead of screen off. That’s very amazing status! If you are display screen always on, then it’s also used more of your battery power. From now, if you have made possible Always-on display function on Galaxy Note 8, then try to disable it and see the end of the result.

Solution 2: Use Live Message wisely

On your Galaxy Note, 8’s Live Message feature is very stunning. It helps out to send some handwritten notes and message using S Pen. These post or notes show on a non-Samsung device. That’s exciting.

But, if you use Live Message continues, then it may have an effect on your battery life. It fallout your battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 drain quick. That’s why; we will suggest using the Live Message app at any time you find it essential. For in no doubt, once you keep in mind this, your Note 8’s battery life will absolutely be better.

Solution 3: Use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Data connection accurately

Sometimes people forget to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G LTE and another networking service even if they are not using it. For this reason, the avoidable use of these services cans most of the purpose to affect the battery life as well as the performance of your device. Hence, make sure that you have turned off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G LTE and another service before going to bed in order to avoid Galaxy Note 8 battery draining problem.

Solution 4: Use Power Saving Mode

Nowadays, the popular mobile phones come with the power saving feature. It helps to backup it more the battery life of your Galaxy Note 8. Once we turn on power saving mode, your device automatically uses the power saving mode when your battery life slow to drain.

Well also, we should use notification, message and other instants apps in power saving mode, it will not bright your screen brightness and stop other functions. Also, more to you can see how to turn on Power Saving Mode on your Note 8 via below steps:

Step #1. Navigate to Apps on your Note 8 → tap on Settings.

Step #2. Tap on Device Management.

Step #3. Next, tap on Battery.

Step #4. Now you need to select MID or Max and tap on APPLY.

Solution 5: Adjust screen brightness and sleep time

There are most of the people have a habit to commonly wake up the phone to make sure check the notifications, date, time and other things. Hence, if you check your device hundreds of time in a day and your phone screen and brightness is set up full, it obviously affects the battery life.

Hence, this reason once you meet with the battery draining issue on Note 8, decrease the brightness and sleep at a time as well to improve Note 8 battery life. I conjecture auto brightness would be the best plan. In order to decrease brightness, go to SettingsDisplayBrightness.

Solution 6: Close Background running apps

In this way, we have lots of apps to uses in the day or at a time then its matter to your note 8 battery life. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 allows you to perform multiple tasks at the same time. That’s hard to believe. But, most of the users are not used to with closing all running apps while turning off with the device. These background running app drain the battery life of your Note 8 as well as slow down the performance. Hence, make sure to turn off all background running apps while locking up the device.

Solution 7: Turn off Gesture or Motion control

The Gesture or Motion control features have to manage your device quickly and smartly. Also to another one is “Smart Stay” features, once you turn this feature it will show your mobile screen ON until the sensor see your face looking in another side. Hence, if you are not using this gesture feature, then keep it turn off to save Note 8’s battery life. You can turn it off by heading to SettingsAdvance features→ turn off Gestures and “Smart Stay” in the display settings.

Well, these are the major reason that can help you to improve Galaxy Note 8 battery life. As well, you can also use check the battery status via this simple steps to navigate on your note 8. SettingsDevice ManagementBatteryBattery Usage.

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There are simple and tricky solutions that very useful to improve your Note 8 battery life. Found it useful? Do share with your Note 8 friends. Have any other trick to fix Note 8 battery drain problem? Let us know in the commenting section.