Here, I explain to how to Disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S8 and The Bixby feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S8 is a handy feature to some users and annoying to others and you see method to very easy Disable Bixby on Galaxy S8.

Method 1 (Disable Home Screen Bixby)

Disable Bixby

Now option will prevent Bixby from showing as a Home screen and not disable the Bixby button see below Steps.

Step 1: Tap and hold a blank area of the Home screen.

Step 2: Swipe all the far left screen.

Step 3: Tap the upper right portion of the screen

Step 4: Turn the Bixby screen on or off.

Method 2:

Step 1: Download and in Install the Bixby Button Remapper app.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Bixby Remapper.

Step 3: Then set it to on.

Step 4: Go back to the Bixby Remapper app.

Step 5:  tap Bixby Button Action.

Step 6: After you can set it to do nothing after open Google Assistant, open the Camera and other.

Method 3 (Method only works if your Bixby software has been updated to the latest version)

Disable Bixby

Step 1: Open Bixby.

Step 2: Tap the gear icon.

Step 3: Select to turn the Bixby button on or off.

Step 4: Done.

Now completed guide for How to Disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S8 and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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