Here, I explain to Top Free Bass Booster for Android Phone and it is very need for all on android phone and Bass booster apps not only make music smooth to ears But they also give us feel well and You can try to set the equalizer of the best bass app installed in your android phone and enjoy the great music. And see below the quality applications that have best bass booster for android phone.

Why to Download Bass Booster App?

Free Bass Booster

Bass Booster app for android can be the best application that you can install and after best results in terms of music and sound of songs. Bass Booster app that we have listed below are stable and provided a great user experience but need to be aware as some of the bass booster applications could damage your Smartphone’s hardware so very carefully download Bass Booster App for android see below.


Top Free Bass Booster for Android

1Bass Booster

Bass Booster for android is a great looking app with easy to use functions and shows you exactly how much bass boost you will get and after some setting your equalizers and want to get the most out of your songs or videos and this app very useful for you.

Features of Bass Booster

  1. Bass booster for headphones if used properly.
  2. Bass booster settings with great 5 Bands Equalizer
  3. Supported with 20 presets.
  4. It has also got one main feature of customizable
  5. You can use this and turn your phone into a sound beast.
  6. Unlimited custom presets widget.
  7. Available From Playstore.

2Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer app is developed by Rodrigo Kolb and developing this application they have only focused on bass booster but it also has a lot of impressive features presets like rock, heavy metal, jazz, Hip-hop and pop and little advanced compared to other sound apps and some great features that will give you great user experience that is best all time.

Features of Music Equalizer

  1. 5 band EQ controller with bass booster.
  2. It also has a visualize mode for best headphone results.
  3. Music Equalizer supports w10 Presets.
  4. Cool save custom
  5. Available for free on Google play store.

3Equalizer Music Player

Equalizer Music Player it also has got the cool feature of bass booster app with equalizer and simple feature of user interface easy to use with some serious great results. Equalizer has a volume slider with live music stereo led VU meter and five band equalizer with bass boost and Visualize effects.

Features of Equalizer Music Player

  1. Great music player that uses a simple controls.
  2. Most professional player designed for music and video.
  3. Using the professional audio and video decoding technology.
  4. Professional equalizer controls will help you.

4Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ has got a smooth and simple interface and easy for you and supports cool five band equalizer and has as many as 9 other dynamic presets like bass booster which enhances your quality and also using this application you can adjust sound quality with built-in equalizer and get live visual audio readings of your current music level.

Features of Music Volume EQ

  1. You can use this application with Bluetooth headphone.
  2. It has got some awesome features like media volume control with five band music
  3. IT has a bass boost effect.
  4. Bass booster that is supported by virtualized effect.
  5. This application also supports 9 equalizer.
  6. Available Google Play Store.

5Bass Booster by Modern Audio Tools

Bass Booster by Modern Audio Tools is another amazing bass booster for android which improve your device sound quality with the amazing bass booster option and easy to use with good user interface so that you can easily adjust bass levels and get the best music easily and use earphone or external speakers on your android device that is best all time and available for Google Play Store.

Now completed guide for Top Free Bass Booster for Android and you read this guide after download best Bass Booster for Google Play Store.