If you are one of the millions using laptops or tablets running on the Linux based powerful Chrome Operating System, chances are, you are on the serious lookout for the right video editor to work with your Chromebook. 

A lot of people believe (and understandably so) that Chromebooks are best used for searching the web and only running other Google functions. There are many others that think that Chromebooks are not limited to just Google apps, but can be versatile enough to do some creative work with third-party tools and apps.

With each upgrade, the Chrome OS inches closer to making Microsoft and Macintosh operating systems look redundant.

One upgrade that the Chrome Operating system really needs to improve is to make a seamlessly compatible online video editor with no watermark that will allow users of the Chromebook to edit high-quality video.

Integrating a strong video editing app will drastically improve the usability ratio of Chromebooks and thus provide a more wholesome experience to the user.

In a digital age where humans spend the majority of their time in front of their screen, the new content coming into digital space must truly stand out to be broadly accepted. There is a need for a smart tool that can offer the right combination of functions in one place.

With any video editing software, the main aim is to assist your attempts at editing a video. The last thing you want to do is spend time learning the software itself. With a good video editing software, the results can often be surprising. It is a fact that on most public occasions, amateur videographers are being hired to cover events because of their proficiency with video editing software.

A good video editing software provides comprehensive solutions and has a mix of all the right functions needed to edit the format of the video in question. Creating content in line with global trends is one great way to get more views, but the content must be interesting enough for the masses to watch.

Video editing encapsulates a lot of different functions, and there are numerous ways to improve your video editing skills. Here are some ways you could become a better video editor:

  1. Vision – Having a vision of what the end result should be, or sketching out an outline about the end result will greatly help categorize and finalize the flow of the video.
  2. Utilize keyboard shortcuts – Using keyboard shortcuts not only helps save time, but the usage of these shortcuts also provides a level of functionality that is difficult to match.
  3. Select the right music – Music has a great effect on the mind of the content consumer, and thus it can be the factor that initiates interest or disturbs and distracts the viewer. Music also has the capability to capture the attention of the viewer. Tapping two major senses like hearing and watching confirms an increased level of interaction with the viewer.
  4. Text and Graphics –  Using Texts and Graphics at the right place and time will greatly increase viewer interest. Viewers are always attracted to interactive content, and using text and graphics breaks the ice with the viewer.

There are numerous ways to improve your video editing, but the one that works best and dramatically increases effective productivity is using the right software.

Using The Right Software Affects The Output Of Work

Templates: Choosing a platform that has a healthy library of ready-made templates saves a lot of time and can sometimes even spark ideas for new videos. Using ready-made templates aids the creative process and provides much-needed support to the editor in terms of creativity.

Different social media platforms use different formats to deliver data. Thus making use of a software tool that will offer separate template formats for separate platforms will greatly help make effective videos.

Watermark: Using a video editing software that will leave no watermark is vital in the new digital world. This is a world where digital identity is greatly valued, and thus creating videos without watermarks are crucial to maintaining the integrity of the brand image.

Invideo offers a video editor chromebook that uses the right combination of functions to help you make engaging videos.

The power of AI: Use AI to keep up with the trends and give you specific recommendations. AI helps the video editing process in a huge way, and using an AI-powered software has a basket full of benefits.

Artificial Intelligence brings previously unavailable features to the screen of the user and implements smart algorithms to predict and give prompt situation-specific results.

What is trending: Keeping up with the market trends can contribute greatly to the broadcasting of content. Using a software platform that will keep the latest trends right in the front will greatly help the creation of unique videos in sync with global trends, thus offering increased chances of broadcast and interactions.

InVideo has a free intro maker no watermark, which will help you curate the perfect intro video for a YouTube release. InVideo has a great video editor for Chromebook, which will help you make everything from youtube intro templates to automated voiceovers.

InVideo also has a vast collection of templates to choose from, which will help you create amazing videos in a time span of 5 minutes! The platform leaves out the watermark, which will help you keep your brand identity intact and kickstart your social media campaigns with the most consumed class of content on the internet!

Advantages of InVideo:

  1. Vast video and audio library full of engaging content
  2. Harness the power of AI
  3. Get automated voiceovers
  4. Use intelligent frames smartly
  5. Curate multilingual videos
  6. Add multiple layers to your video
  7. Do more with power transitions
  8. Simple, easy to use and flexible platform
  9. Easy downloading and sharing
  10. A comprehensive platform for all video editing and sharing needs

While most Macintosh and Windows operating systems are shipped pre-loaded with the video editing apps that are compatible with them, the Chromebooks leave that option open. Thus, there is space to make a choice, and the right choice can make or break a situation.

Although Windows or Macintosh operating systems are still regarded as the apt operating systems to be used for the heavy-duty video editing duties, Chromebooks can support fairly complicated video editing apps too! InVideo gives seamless integration with your Chromebook so the user can have a smooth experience.