We’ve always known the television set to be a necessary item in every household ever since it was invented. Perhaps we’ve never really realized it much, but a TV is as much a piece of decor as any other item in the house. You wouldn’t just place it randomly or with clashing colors and furniture- you want it to blend into the room and create the correct ambiance around it. With time, the television set has adapted and morphed into all kinds of shapes and sizes, advancing along with technology and our perception of how things should look within our homes. And so accordingly, TV manufacturers have certainly kept the ambiance in mind while designing them. This is why we’re going to help you better understand how your TV can actually help to elevate and improve the ambiance in your room.


Currently, you have the option to have a backlight put in at the back of your TV if it doesn’t already come with one. The backlight makes a world of difference to how the television looks in your room. There are a variety of options available nowadays in terms of backlighting. This is especially effective if you have subtle lighting in your room and you can even change the color according to the mood or event. The backlight gives an elegant and modern feel that totally transforms the atmosphere in the room and allows the TV to be more than just a vessel for entertainment.

Ambient Mode

Many of the newer models of televisions are now coming with an option called ‘ambient mode’ and it means exactly what you think it does. When you’re not watching TV, the screen acts as a live picture frame and can display your favorite work of art. It can also blend in with the wall that you have it placed on by simply taking a picture and uploading it.

There are other fun options when it comes to ambient mode. A 4k fireplace download, which displays a realistic rendition of fire as if the TV were a fireplace, is another option that can surely make a room feel cozy. You have the ambiance of warmth at the click of a button without having the hassle of the actual fire.

Entertainment Unit

The room in which you place your TV actually has everything else designed around it. So it only makes sense that the entertainment unit in which you place the TV creates the whole mood of the room. You have units that come with matching coffee tables, spaces for decor pieces, and shelves for books as well. Some units come with a mount that you can place the TV on, and you can have the backlights put there instead of directly behind the TV. These really can transform the whole feel of a room.

Your television set can certainly command the ambiance of any room it is placed in. Especially considering the options mentioned here, you now have a better idea of how you can make the most of your TV and it’s placement and options in your room and its style and decor.