why in order to improve the customer experience, most of the companies offer feedback survey programs where customer can share their views about the service rendered by the particular company. GuestObsessed is such a survey online portal that is offered by Checkers & Rally’s. If you have searched for it on the internet then you might have found this site saying Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey @ www.guestobsessed.com. Basically, visitors at any of the restaurants of Checkers &Rally’s can express their views here.

These reviews offered by the customers are used to improve the services in the future. Participating in the survey is not a big deal and any customer who has visited Checkers & Rally’s recently can take the survey. Many users don’t bother to take such a survey and consider it a waste of time. So, here we have mentioned the benefits of taking parts in Checkers & Rally’s GuestObsessed Survey and how to easily follow the process. Just remember that upon completing the survey, you can get rewards in many forms so, let’s begin.


About Checkers & Rally’s

Before we proceed to the process of the GuestObsessed survey, it is better to know about the company. Checkers & Rally’s is among the largest restaurant chain in America. It is in the business or more than 40 years and it’s head office resides in Florida. The outlets of Checkers and Rally’s are available in 27 other states with Florida and the District of Columbia. Its products include mainly fast foods like burgers, hot dogs, fries, and beverages. Now when they offer their services in a number of states, the customer walk-in must be great and that is why they always strive to offer the best customer experience. And getting it done through the customer review is the best.

Checkers & Rally’s GuestObsessed Survey: Requirements and Everything to Know About It


The user or the customer participating in the survey must be an adult of age or more,


In order to take part in the survey, the customer must an American by any means.

Number of Entries

Unlike other survey programs, Checkers and Rally’s don’t impose any limit to take part in the survey. It can be done whenever you visit the restaurant that you have received on your visit. But sometimes it rejects entries from the same login ID when tried multiple entries in a month.


The customer must have the receipt of their last visit to the restaurant. This receipt is valid to take part in the guest obsessed survey for a month. The date, store code, and the other required number must be mentioned on the receipt. It cannot be transferred to another person. While receiving your food through the drive-thru, you can collect your receipt.

Contact Details

The customer engaged in the guest obsessed survey should have to provide the home address, mobile number, email, and some others. These contact details are mandatory to fulfill the survey of Checkers & Rally’s.

Gadgets and the Internet

The gadget such as a mobile phone or tablet or computer is required with a proper internet connection. In order to access the www.guestobsessed.com site on your web browser, you need to have Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection.


According to our last check, Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey program doesn’t offer cash prizes for participation. But all the participants in the survey can obtain a code or a validation code, which can be redeemed at any restaurant of Checker and Rally’s and get discounts or free perks. This free Checkers & Rally’s coupon code can get you a free sandwich or a free meal. This reward coupon is valid for the period of a month.

Employees and Relatives of Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant

The relatives of the people working at Checkers and Rally’s and Checkers and Rally’s employees are forbidden to take part in this guest obsessed survey program. Any kind of participation in the survey from these people can lead to rejection.

How to Take Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey Program

This survey can be accessed and done only through its website so don’t be trapped in any offline counterparts. A customer taking the survey must read the instructions carefully. All the requirements mentioned above must be fulfilled.

  1. Open the link in your phone or PC @ guestobsessed.com/
  2. On the landing page, you shall see options to select your languages from English or Spanish.
  3. Once the selection of language is done, the survey page will be opened.
  4. Here, you have to enter your personal details and other details mentioned on the receipt such as store code, time and date, and check number.
  5. Now it will show the various questions regarding the experience at the restaurant, the service, and the food would be asked. Give your answers honestly.
  6. Once you have completed the survey, you have to enter your email and contact number.

Now after submitting all these, you will be shown the validation code on the screen and you print it out or take a screenshot to show at the store and get the benefits.

Bottom Line

Thus, this is how easy to get into the GuesObsessed survey of Checkers & Rally’s. If you face any trouble while following the process, you can contact us through the comment box. So, just get the free perks at Checker and Rally’s with the code earned from the GuestObsessed survey.