JigZone is the best destination for the people who love to sharpen their mind with Jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw Puzzle is a tiling puzzle in which multiple oddly shaped interlocking pieces and this each piece is a little part of the image and players have to put these pieces in a way that when it completes it should make a whole image. JigZone is such a website where you may find thousands of jigsaw puzzles to solve. Now you might be juggling your memories when you used to solve jigsaw puzzles with your friends at your home. It really helps to sharpen one’s mind. It isn’t only for children; even grown-ups can play this in their free times.

But those days are gone when we needed to buy the box set of Jigsaw puzzle which used to have 5-10 puzzles and you have to solve the same puzzle again and again. So we have found out the best site to play jigsaw puzzle where you will find the various Jigsaw puzzles for kids and grownups in easy as well as hard mode. Jigzone offers picture puzzle in 6 to 250 pieces and you can choose depending upon how hard the puzzle you want.

What is JigZone?

If you are the fan of jigsaw puzzles or if you want your kids to solve the puzzles on PC, Android, or iOS device then JigZone is the best website to provide this service in the market. JigZone has various puzzles in the gallery to solve. It carries from art, animal sports, travel, and more categories in its gallery.

JigZone is totally free and you don’t need to register on its website to solve Jigsaw puzzles. But if you want to make your own profile where you can save the puzzles then you need to signup there. If you sometimes due to any interference you have to leave the game and want to pause and resume it next time then, this feature is only available if you are registered on the website.

How to play/solve Jigsaw puzzles on JigZone

Playing Jigsaw puzzles on JigZone is as simple as playing with cardboard. It is your choice if you want to register or not.

  1. Open the JigZone website from here.
  2. You can choose the category given on the homepage such as recent puzzles, cats, art, natural scene, tropical fish, and many more.
  3. You can simply pick any image puzzle from the two columns on each side of the main page.
  4. When you put a cursor on the puzzle in PC or select the image on your phone, you will be given asked to choose the type of shape of the puzzle pieces and the number of pieces from 6 to 247.
  5. Once the game is started, the timer will start and it will show you how much time you are taking to solve the puzzle.

For the reference, a complete photo is also shown so you can take a guide from it.

Features of JigZone                            

  • JigZone has various categories from where you can choose thousand of the jigsaw puzzle
  • You will get a new puzzle of the day every day so, you can solve the hand-picked puzzle from the editors.
  • Puzzle size and pieces from 6 to 247
  • You can also upload your photos and make them into jigsaw puzzles and then you can share such puzzles with others.
  • With its “Embed” feature you can put jigsaw puzzles from JigZoine on your own web pages and blogs.
  • It supports English, Francais, Deutsch, and Chinese.

So, if you want to play jigsaw puzzle or you want your kids or friends to play then JigZone is one of the best online sites for jigsaw puzzles.

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