It was never easier to find work from home jobs with all benefits digital transformation brought to us. Wheater you want to change your regular 9-5 job, or you are work at home mom, or you are feeling unfulfilled in a corporate environment, with tools available on your laptop you can start immediately with a new online job.

You could take advantage of a booming gig economy, numerous platforms for freelance workers, or great online tools for starting entrepreneurship like Shopify.

Work from home

Statistics also go in your favor with over 66% of companies using freelancers, and more and more workers work remotely. This trend is especially prominent in the US, where more than 43% of workers work remotely, which includes part-time, freelance, and side work. Technology made work from home easy venture, and we made a list of top home jobs.


Best jobs to do from home

Skill is valued in the digital marketplace, just like in traditional job environment. With platforms like Upwork, Freelance, Fiverr, Toptal, and many others, creative and technical professionals have the opportunity to work from their tree house.

Just because you plan to work at home, doesn’t mean the level of professionalism shouldn’t be present. People that work from home, also need to upgrade their knowledge and continue with education. If they can’t keep up with working and learning at the same time, there is a digital solution for that problem as well with the high-quality online assignment help that will help get the job done.

But what are these home jobs? We made a list of Top 5 work from home jobs.

Online tutor

There is a platform for everything these days. That said, the online tutor is a great opportunity for teachers, professors, and other knowledge-based occupations to earn extra money or provide their full-time services. Platforms that offer a more extensiverange of subjects are Skooli, Udemy,, and Wyzant. Online language tutoring is also highly developed with platforms like Italki and Preply that has certified teachers from 185 countries.


Content marketing is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing in 2019. Google marked the quality of the posts as an important SEO requirement. These are just a couple of trends that will help you find a writing job from home. Freelance platforms are thriving with thousands of jobs and gigs for a quality blog post, article, business plan, ebook, and other types of writing. Just like with online tutoring, writing can be an excellent side-job, or if you are an expert writer, it can be your full-time work from home job.

Web/Software developer

IT job market is in demand. Just in Europe, there is a shortage of over 900,000 IT workers right now. Regardless of CMS platforms like Wix and WordPress, if you want a serious website with deep sitemap and plenty of functionalities, there is no alternative to a skilled web developer. Software developers skilled in Phyton, Javascript, C++ or other programming languages can look for a job on Toptal, Upwork, Guru and other freelance platforms. If you have IT development, or other computer science skills, there is an excellent chance you could work remotely full-time.

Social media specialist

Social network presence is just like websites a must for every serious company. If you know your way around organic post creation, social media marketing tools, or you have a strong following on Instagram; you can earn your paycheck handling promotion on social networks from home.

Virtual assistant

This high in demand job biggest upside is there is no need for a particular professional skill like in many abovementioned creative and technical jobs. The thing you could do as a virtual assistant range from simple data entry or transcribing soundbites, organizing meetings to tasks like replying to emails, managing calendars, research and analysis, and help with social media. The average pay is around $15, according to PayScale.

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