Samsung gear S2 is the most popular wearable technology to design like pretty Smartwatch, the Samsung Smartwatch works like mobile technology; we can use the mobile apps, calling, mapping and much more. In this article we will show you the best Samsung gear S2 Apps that works very reliable and very easy use.

In the market lot’s of apps and games available for Smartphone devices, but here we can see the one of the advance technology to developed for the wearable devices, the Samsung has a developed a new Apps for Samsung Gear S2. Also Samsung Gear Smartwatch has to cover up market on new redesign Games. The Samsung Smartwatches is very high competition to wearable brands.

If you want to download the smaugn gear s2 apps, then navigate apps store app on your gear s2  Smartwatch and easy to download, but here we can show you some of the best apps that very much useful in your routing life.

15 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps 

Samsung will be a very Hardworking on these Smartwatches to bring their popular apps on Tizen. We searched whole market and got some handful apps.

Which are currently on the smartwatch store and they are all highly recommended apps. If you are one of those users which buy Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch then you must know best apps for your wrist watch.

Below are the top best Gear S2 apps for your Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch. Let us know what apps and games you’re using and any recommendations you’ve below Best Gear 2 Apps.


  1. UBER

UBER for Samsung gear s2

Uber is a one of the best Smartphone apps but now you can use on the Samsung gear S2 Smartwatch. Uber is a recently to app developed  for gear S2 user, which can be use very user friendly with Smartwatch technology, you can Call taxi online or make ride, watch live map of the taxi or arrival time on your area. It also comes with all Uber options including Uber and collection features. It is well designed and especially for rounded bezels. If you want to call taxi online then Uber is the best option.

  1. AwayYouGo App

AwayYouGo for gear s3

Samsung Gear S2 has recently developed app is called “AwayYouGo”- it is the First Commercial Trial Takes Airport IT Responsiveness for Samsung Gear S2.

AwayYouGo is works like the airport’s consumer-facing, Spark Compass–powered AwayYouGo app which already available for mobiles. With the help of AwayYouGo app on your Gear S2 & Gear  S3, You can receive directions en route to the airport to real-time gate information and changes.

The AwayYouGo App will also alert you when bags are on the carousel at the destination airport, made possible through Go Tag secure Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons that travelers attach to their luggage before setting out on their trip.

  1. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo app for gear s2

Here WeGo is one of the best GPS map app for Gear S2. It is best alternative apps to Google Map, it works like, Search the location, turn-by-turn navigation, time & distance and easy direction in driving or walking mode and all are the simple to understand. Samsung tied up with them but it is missing in smartwatch, you need to download it from the store.


MR. TIME MAKER app for gear s3

The another one smartwatch app is called  MR. TIME. Using this app we can customize the Smartwatch themes and watch faces. Also you adding dial colors and widgets like dates, also more you have to get and easy to make. If you want to download the app then it’s available on the Samsung app store.

  1. Voxer

Voxer app for gear s2

One of most popular gear S2 apps is called Voxer; Voxer is a two way Wrist Radio, It means you can send audio messages from your smartwatch to someone else, like you would on a walkie-talkie to directly talk with your friend. Just tap on a contact and start speaking into your watch. It appears as a message on your mate’s watch and they can then listen to it on the watch itself via the S2 3G’s speaker or on a connected Bluetooth headset.

  1. Twitter Trends

twitter trends for gear s2

If you can like the social media then twitter trends is one of the best choice,  it can be see the twitter feeds and you can sent directly to your watch, below the date and time, so you’ll know exactly when your clever status update got a re-tweet. This could be an example of connectivity overload but get the right feed and it will keep you up to date on Twitter without becoming too distracting.

  1. Phone Camera Remote Circle

Phone Camera Remote Circle for gear s3

In this app to use for a capture a photo or record video on your phone via your Gear S2, just you have to Turning that crisp, vibrant circular display into a viewer, it works with both front and rear facing cameras, supports a flash mode and has a self timer mode to give you time to get into the shot. The app is available to download on gear app store.

  1. Chat Hub

Chat Hub for gear s2

Chat Hub is a most popular messaging apps for the gear S2 Smartwatch, This handy Samsung gear S2 for this app brings all your messages into one screen – texts, WhatsApps, Facebook Messenger etc. Chat Hub includes together preset replies like “What’s up?” and an onscreen keyboard if you really want to type out your response.

  1. News Briefing

News Briefing for gear s2

News Briefing is for the news readers and it’s really well developed and very different to the other news apps. Using this app you can select your favorite categories and only get news from selected websites. It built with care to perform in between rounded corners. The app is in initial step so there might be problem with its font size, remaining all functions are fine.

  1. Lifesum


It is the best for a food and water tracker. Samsung’s own S Health screens allow you to manually enter that you’ve drank a bottle of water or cup of coffee with one tap. But if you want to go one step further, Lifesum is worth a look with recipes, diaries and ‘lose weight’/’gain weight’ goals.

your tracking data is uploaded via your Smartwatch, and is available to view on the manufacturer’s online portal in the form of reports and graphs. This is useful if you are on a strict training diet or if you are trying to lose weight. It can also help to boost your motivation.

  1. Spotify 

Spotify  for gear s2

The Spotify music app is finally rolling out for Gear S2. The app will let you control playback on your wrist, browse through charts, search artists and scroll through your playlists. There’s no offline mode right now, so if you’re taking it for a run then you’ll only be able to use it with the LTE watches, or hope that your gym has Wi-Fi. Hopefully we’ll get the option to play our offline playlists in the future. Also check out Spotify premium app.

  1. UniKey’s Kevo

Kevo app

Kevo app for use with the Kevo Touch-To-Open smart locks made by Kwikset and Weiser. This is another smart home tech kind of stuff. Kevo app allows you to unlock your front door (if only it has a Kwikset Kevo smart lock in place) with your smartwatch. With technology replacing most of our usual activities, it won’t be long before most of us get used to smart door locks at our homes. The app also allows you to send digital codes to family members so that they can enter the house when you are not present.

  1. SmartThings

SmartThings  for gear s2

If you own smart home device the smarthing app is very useful, With the SmartThings app for Gear S2, you will be able to use your Smartwatch to activate preset lighting so your house is ready for your return, as well as manage a host of smart home automation. It hasn’t arrived on Samsung’s store yet, but it will work with Samsung’s SmartThings kit.

  1. Volkswagen

Volkswagen for gear s3

Volkswagen’s is one of the best apps for gear s2 Smartwatch, Using Volkswagen we can easy to connected your Smartwatches to car, you’ll be able to tell, right on your watch face, whether you’ve left the door unlocked. You can also start the air conditioner and pause charging on electric cars. Even better? Your smart watch’s release are guaranteed to be legal.

  1. Ducker


Ducker is a unique road crossing game for gear S2. Whilst the style is similar to Crossy Road or Forger, there are many elements that make Ducker unique. The game is incredibly simple to play using the Bezel to turn the player to the left, right, or forward while the player keeps hoping in the direction has facing, this creates a challenge in itself as you attempt to cross roads, rivers and railway tracks. Theres the usual cars, trucks, logs and trains to avoid and also crocodiles, which you can ride on just like the logs. Being a duck, you can easily just jump into rivers to cross them instead of riding across crocs and logs, but get in front of a crocodile and he’ll eat your player. 

Samsung Gear App can be downloaded via the on Gear Apps store for Samsung Gear S2, S3. I hope, in this best Samsung gear s2 apps are very helpful for use on your S2 Smartwatch.