Gone are the days when adopting the latest fashion trends and stylish clothes was a luxury of the rich. Today, the internet is well-stocked with tons of fast-fashion brands that let you pamper the fashionista inside you without breaking the bank. One such online clothing store rolling eyeballs these days is Zolucky.

Shopping from Zolucky is easy and straightforward, you don’t have to compromise your unique taste, either. But here the question arises – Is Zolucky reliable, or should you spend your hard-earned cash on its products? If these questions are bothering you, it’s time to put your struggle to an end.

Our experts have analyzed this fast-fashion brand from the inside and out, and come up with detailed reviews. So, it’s advised to scroll through the comprehensive and unbiased review of this brand before splurging your precious dollars. Let’s have a look.

A Quick Introduction to Zolucky

Before we jump into reviewing the brand and determining whether it’s worth spending or not, let’s elaborate on Zolucky and see what’s the buzz all about.

Zolucky is a recent addition to the fast-fashion brand names across the world. It is widely applauded for offering multiple apparels, including bottoms, accessories, tops, shoes, and everything in between, at a competitive price.

Founded back in 2019, Zolucky mainly targets European and American markets and has achieved development on a global scale. From trendy to evergreen styles, this brand has everything to satiate even the most discerning snappy dresser.

While it has been around for merely four years, it has earned a good reputation in the internet fashion industry and attracted eyeballs from every nook and corner of the world. But popularity and ill-fame go hand in hand, and this brand isn’t immune to disputes or allegations.

Multiple consumers have claimed that Zolucky sells low-quality clothes that either shrink with time or get faded in just one wash. Moreover, their size issues aren’t hidden from anyone. So, what’s the deal – is the brand worth deserving attention or just a fleeting fad? Our experts have evaluated the brand history and customer reviews to see the future of Zolucky in the Internet fashion industry.

Keep scrolling and see if this brand can answer these allegations and sustain this cutting-edge competitive world with such a stumbling reputation.

The pros & cons of using Zolucky

Here’s a quick rundown of the advantages and pitfalls of using Zolucky. Read on and get ready to make notes. It’s advised to go through this lowdown with an open mind and not make any false perceptions without going through the complete review. Let’s get into it.

Pros of Zolucky

  • Discounted promos and coupons: Although Zolucky packs a punch of trendy apparel and the latest designs, the best selling point of this retailer is its discounted promo coupons. It is probably the first point of contact between a random buyer and Zolucky, and this brand has undoubtedly mastered the trick.

It often offers seasonal sales, subscription discounts, and special offers to attract new customers while retaining the existing ones. You will be glad to find out, but their discounts can sometimes range from 10 to 80%, thus allowing you to buy the product nearly free of cost.

  • Massive Collection: Another factor that has made Zolucky of the famous fast-fashion brand retailers in the market is its gigantic collection of apparel to satiate even the most demanding shopper. It has everything you can dream of, ranging from shoes, clothing, and accessories to bottoms, plus-size clothes, co-ord sets, and everything in between. Just like its categories, the designs, colors, and patterns it offers are also endless and will surely grab your attention.
  • Competitively-priced: The next important thing you shouldn’t overlook when buying from Zolucky is its pocket-friendly price. Unlike high-end fashion brands that suck even the last penny from your bank account, this retailer is highly cheap and affordable, thus allowing you to follow the latest fashion trends without putting a hole in your pocket. From promo codes to seasonal sales to actual pricing, it is budget-friendly in all terms. So, if you are looking forward to enjoying a hands-on experience with budget clothing, Zolucky might be the best bet.

Cons of Zolucky

  • Poor Quality products: The major disadvantage of buying from Zolucky is its poor and low quality. Most customers have complained about multiple product issues, including shrinkage, low-grade fabric, color fade, size issues, and more. But wait – since the platform is incredibly cheap – what else have you expected? Simply put, its quality is synonymous with its price, and that you should expect from a cheaply-priced platform – after all, you will not be getting premium quality at an 80% discount.
  • Limited customer service: Although Zolucky responds to reviews within 9 days or so, its customer service is undoubtedly slow and patchy. I mean, who wants to wait for 9 days to get a response? While they offer a dedicated email address where you can dodge your complaints about their products, and they claim to respond as soon as possible, that savior “email” is non-working, and you won’t get any response, either.
  • High return rate: The brand’s success and quality are determined by its return rate. The lesser, the merrier. But in Zolucky’s case, it’s the total opposite. This brand has a high return rate, which strongly reflects the customer’s dissatisfaction with their products. In fact, there’s an online argument that claims that Zolucky makes more money from returns than purchases. However, we don’t have any specific information regarding the same; hence, we prefer putting these rumors to rest.

Is Zolucky a legit brand?

Now that you are aware of the Zolucky pros and cons, it’s time to cast some light on the much-asked question – Is Zolucky a legit brand or a scam?

And the answer is pretty complicated in terms of clarity. Although Zolucky is a legit business, customers’ claims, its pricing structure, and high return rates add to the fume and make things shady. Also, since their customer service isn’t that much active and responsive, it’s quite challenging for customers to trust them and shop directly from their website.

In addition, the manufacturing of Zolucky products is originated from China, you can get fake products or far different colors as shown in pictures. So, as far as legitimacy is concerned, the business is legit, but as far as quality is concerned, we cannot promise anything.


That’s all about Zolucky reviews. We have tried our best to make things clear about this fast-fashion brand, so you won’t stuck into any scam or waste your hard-earned dollars on cheaply designed products. But the final decision is yours.

If you still want to give this brand a chance, visit their official website and start shopping – but get ready to bear the risks and consequences – because ordering from Zolucky is no less than gambling and you may or may not receive the product you have imagined after watching pictures.

For more such genuine and unbiased reviews of shopping portals and brands, keep visiting the page regularly, as we assure you won’t regret your effort.

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