Now This Tutorials read to what song is this? Best Android Song Identifier app for any Music Recognition and you use any below list song Identifier app on Android to recognize any Music Playing around.

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Now Here This Guide to Provided Download to Song Identifier app and after using this app very easy identify your Songs and Best you listen one best song and this song you like it but after your great dismay and you do not remember the artist or song name but you have no way of getting the details or lyrics of the song so you can Google that later and after open Google and some type question to Speak to okay Google what song is this and after best replay for Google.

Now below List this type Android Song Identifier app and solve problem to what song is this? And other this not speaks to Google for okay Google what song is this by using below app.

What song is this?

Now not any problem for you because this guide very helpful and you very easy listen song in your Smartphone and see Lyrics and identify your song and after you need for best Song Identifier app to Install in your Smartphone and this song Identifier app provided help for purchase the track and even display the Lyrics for you need that can be identify Problem for what song is this and some list for app below guide.

what song is this?

Song Identifier Apps are apps enable your Android Devices auto-detect almost any music or movie you play and feed you with information about the author the link to purchase the song and lyrics to the song. Most song identifier apps are free to download and use in your Android Phone very easy.

How to work Song Identifier app for Android

Now Song Identifier app work for android to cloud connectivity to online based Database this thing to music play by user make a digital fingerprint from the sample and compares it against the online database for a match and Once it hits a match the details of the song artist, album and title are returned to you and give you lyrics to the song as well as the link to download the song very easily.

what song is this?

Now below list for app and you create music experience with Song Identifier app and play song and after download option available all app after download this app and install in your Smartphone.

Best Android Song Identifier App

what song is this? 1. Shazam

Now Shazam is best of all android song Identifier app and genius application can identify nearly any song that you are playing or are playing near you in a just second and you no longer have to type lengthy lyrics search terms to discover your next favorite artist and more of their work and also you can watch the video on YouTube or even buy the song on Amazon.

what song is this?


Features of Shazam

  1. Fast recognition.
  2. Can identify almost any song.
  3. Has the YouTube video feature.
  4. Enjoy Songs and lyrics from YouTube.
  5. You may get new updates about videos, albums, single, etc.
  6. Now Easy Preview new songs and albums and added them playlist.
  7. You may check Shazam app by using Google okay.
  8. Follow worldwide artists from Shazam.
  9. Available freely.
  10. It can support all types of platforms.

Disadvantage of Shazam

  1. Now you try to uninstall this app after you lose all your tags this is main Disadvantage of Shazam.

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2. Music Identification

Now First app for Music Identification this is cable for identification your music for you but this is no ordinary song identifier application Music Identification enjoys the privilege of accessing the largest music collection in the world with over 130 million possible hits this help provided app for Music Identification.

Feature of Music Identification

  1. Large collection of music.
  2. Generates links automatically.
  3. May not work correctly with strong bass setting.
  4. Can identify almost any song.
  5. Easy and Free App.

Disadvantage of Music Identification

One Main Disadvantage of this app for May not work correctly with strong bass setting.

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3. Genius

Now Genius all you need to do is hold you phone towards the source of audible music and tap the Sound wave button and behold and annotated lyrics appear with annotations just like very easy and Now you can learn all the lyrics to your favorite songs by heart with this easy to use app and get singing along in no time. You can also get lyrics to all music you stream from online services for free.

what song is this?

Features of Genius

  1. It can identify and match lyrics to almost any song.
  2. You can use it with Pandora, Spotify and SoundCloud among many others.
  3. Gives annotated lyrics.
  4. Easy to Use.
  5. Can identify almost any song.
  6. Download Free.

Disadvantage of Genius

Now this App 2 Main Disadvantage for this app not recommended for children under the age of twelve and other does not come with a music player of its own.

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4. Music Recognizer Identify Song

Now this app is ideal for all music lovers as it can identify a music extract in just less than five seconds and provide the related artist and song title information this app large database containing all the music you need so your kind of music will not miss a match and other You can also find videos and watch a YouTube video of your favorite song that is very powerful app for Search song What song is this? Very help provided you and More Read: Music without Wifi

what song is this?

Feature of Music Recognizer

  1. Fast recognition.
  2. You can find videos as well.
  3. Has a voice search feature.
  4. Easy and Free App.

Disadvantage of Music Recognizer Identify Song

Now this app only one problem to Contains Ads.

Image result for download android button5. TrackID (Music Recognition App)

Now TrackID is a Music Recognition App and this beautiful app from Sony has more than its killer good looks to it and can tell what song you are playing with just a single tap and Almost instantly you can get the song’s information including the biography of your favorite artists and after You can save your cached search history so you can always come back to listen to the songs you like the most at a later date via streaming services this best Music Identification app.

what song is this?

Features of TrackID

  1. Find a song within seconds with the press of a button.
  2. Your history is easily accessible on the start page.
  3. Offline mode helps you capture tracks when you have no network. Resume the search when your Internet connection is restored.
  4. Listen to a preview of the song so you can be sure it matches what you found.
  5. Watch music videos on YouTube.
  6. Free and Easy to Use.

Disadvantage of TrackID

One Disadvantage for TrackID is does not work offline even though it has an offline mode.

Image result for download android button6. MusicXmatch

Musicxmatch is one of the best lyrics catalogs and there is no one cannot replace this app for music recognition and easily find out songs and lyrics with your favorite tracks and millions of people using this app on their mobile.

Musicxmatch Also available more than 32 languages in different countries and Now You can enjoy diverse music with synced lyrics in a unique way. this is best Song Identification app all time.

what song is this?

Features of MusicXmatch

  1. Support android Wear and Android TV.
  2. You can search any song lyrics.
  3. Advanced features such as like sleep timer and equalizer.
  4. Now you can create and share your favorite lyrics.
  5. Quickly identify songs that playing around you.
  6. You can watch YouTube videos
  7. Available freely.

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Now this list for Music Identification app and you Download very easy and after install in your Smartphone and now completed guide for what song is this? Best Android Song Identifier app for any Music Recognition you read this guide very helpful for you and don’t speak to Google for okay Google what song is this all problem solve using this app.


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