Calorie tracker apps are very useful as they help you to keep track of your daily calorie intake. People who are very serious with their diet can use these apps to benefit themselves. Speaking of calorie intake apps, you can get both paid and free versions available. Most of these apps are cross-platform apps which means they are supported by multiple platforms. Need your own calorie tracker app or you have an idea of developing an exciting new one? Here at Zfort Group, we’ll be happy to make your idea a reality. But make sure that you are using a reliable app.

Calorie Tracker Apps You Should Know About

We have listed some of the best and most popular calorie tracker apps for you to choose. Download any of the app and maintain your calorie consumption like a pro.

  1. MyFitness Pal

MyFitness Pal is one of the most popular calorie tracker app available. The app is supported by both android and ios platforms. This one of the very few calorie trackers that is stacked with features. The app is regularly updated and thus, it becomes easy for you to use it. With every update new features and fresh additions are added to the food library. You can even enter custom entries to create your own café favourites and recipes.

  1. Food Diary

This app is designed for the Windows users and doesn’t require any membership for you to use it. However, if you wish to back-up your data then you need to create a free account in the app. The app allows you to add your own food and drinks which is indicated by small food icons in its database. It also notifies you from time to time so that you don’t forget to log your latest meal.

  1. Simple Diet Diary

This is a free android app which is quite popular among the users. This app is mainly focused on the logging of food items. Unlike other apps, this one is less cluttered and thus, easy to use. Also, you will not get confused while using the app. You can easily log your food and drinks from the main screen of the app. all you need to do is press a button to get started. The app is so user-friendly that you hardly need any time to get used to it.

  1. Cronometer

This is yet another reliable calorie tracker app that you can use. This colourful app is preferred by users because of its helpful features. The app is easy to use and understand and thus, you shouldn’t have any problem using it. On the main screen of the app you will find three circle charts that represents the following: calories burned, calories consumed and target calories progress. The plus button shown on the screen allows you to add food anytime you want.

With the use of any of these apps, you can easily track your calorie intake. If you are a health conscious person and aiming for weight loss, you can make great use of these apps. These apps are designed to help you improve and maintain your daily calorie consumption.

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