Samsung’s new giant phone-Galaxy Note 10 landed with 6.3-inch AMOLED display with the same dual-curved sides. It has impressive 93.2 % screen-to-body ratio with HDR10+ certified. They shifted the front camera at the middle top. I guess no one dares to see this device in a damaged condition so if it would be better if you choose the great tempered glass screen protector for Samsung Note 10.

Why we need screen protective glass for Note 10? When you purchase the expensive phone, the first thing comes in your mind to handle it with care, and no one knows that when it falls, and the stunning screen gets damaged. So you must go with the safe, handy control by adding these Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen guard.

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Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Screen Protectors

1#. Tempered Glass for Galaxy Note 10 by Tehba:

Tehba introduces this tempered glass with 9H Hardness for Galaxy Note 10. Just get relaxed because this protector comes with No-Bubble, Anti-Fingerprint, and Anti-Scratch.

Tempered Glass for Galaxy Note 10

  • This Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a unique design.
  • For bubble-free applications, the hydrophilic adhesive layer forces the airbag away from the screen.
  • This protector comes with the high-definition ultra-clear and transparency of 99.9 percent. This gives you the best and natural viewing experience.
  • The designed for better protection of the Galaxy Note 10 screen with oil-proof, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant and 9H hardness surface.
  • It maintains an extremely delicate touch reaction.

Note: The manufacturers suggest that you activate your phone’s touch sensitivity configuration before using the screen protector to boost the screen saver screen’s touch sensitivity.


2#. Ultra Clear Screen Guard For Note 10 by LuettBiden [2 Pack]:

This Screen guard comes with the 3D curved edge that gives the case friendly. So don’t worry about changing the fact and it gives the bubble-free film. You will experience the ultra-clear 9H hardness with this tempered glass screen protector

Ultra Clear Screen Guard For Note 10

  • This screen guard has Anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch resistant.
  • To decrease fingerprints, it comes with oleophobic coating top.
  • It protects your device against everyday scratches, dust, scrapes, and ordinary wear signs.
  • It covers most curved edges; this screen protector leaves a suitable installation and case compatibility open space compatible.
  • The ultra-thin screen protector offers complete tactile sensitivity compatibility and maintains the initial high-response touch sensation of your phone without interference.
  • It has the magnetic adsorption feature that is simple to install.


3#. Clear Film Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10  by Qoosea (2 Pack):

This Galaxy Note 10 tempered full coverage comes with 2.5D. So it is case-friendly with any case you wish to put on for Samsung Galaxy Note10. There is a precise film glass screen protector technology for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/5G.

Clear Film Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 

  • It is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Galaxy Note10 5 G, tempered glass screen protector.
  • This protector screen comes with a curved edge fit perfectly.
  • This ultra-precise cutting method fits the contour precisely. Provide Edge-To-Edge full coverage with maximum protection.
  • Because of its 9H hardness score (harder than a knife), it offers the most significant ultimate safety, impacts resistance. Protect from falls, bumps, scratches, and scrapes on your mobile.
  • With 0.3 mm thickness and 98 percent transparency, the elevated reaction and HD Clarity comes to provide super soft touching to maintain initial viewing quality and high touch sensitivity.


4#. Samsung Note 10 Privacy Glass Screen Protector by ZD (Note 10-2pack):

This note10 Samsung tempered glass has a high density to bear scratch, and because of the 3D curved, it gives the case friendly.

Samsung Note 10 Privacy Glass Screen Protector

  • This screen protector has dust prevention.
  • It has 3.0 D Anti-Chip.
  • This product is impact resistant
  • There is a high transparency of 99.99%.
  • It is Anti-fingerprint.
  • There is a 9H hardness technology.
  • It gives the delicate touch.
  • It has Anti-oil stains properties.
  • The thickness is 0.3mm, which gives the case friendly.
  • It also gives the air bubble-free after putting it on to your Galaxy Note10.


5#.VitaVela Galaxy Note 10 Screen Protector:

This galaxy note 10 screen protector is very easy to install, and because of the 3D curved ultra HD technology, it gives the case-friendly option. Now you don’t need to change the case & cover.

VitaVela Galaxy Note 10 Screen Protector

  • The ultra-clear transparency of 99.9 percent allows for an ideal and natural viewing experience.
  • The ultra-thin resilient is made of premium tempered glass of high-quality 0.26mm thick and provides complete compatibility with sensitivity to the touch screen.
  • The complete package layout of the 3D surface and the screen protector fit the mobile phone screen tightly.
  • Only for your Samsung Note10 phone is this tempered.
  • Due to its 9H hardness score, the tempered glasses efficiently resist scratches on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.


6#. Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Note 10  by VitaVela:

This screen glass for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with the privacy screen protector. There is an advanced 3D curved 2019 upgrade version by VitaVela. The screen guard has the Anti-spy properties with the tempered glass screen film of 9H Hardness and anti-Scratch. There is also anti-peep shield comes with this screen protector. So now your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is more protected.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Note 10

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector keeps your private and sensitive data secure from strangers.
  • The Original Touch Experience is maintained by 3D TOUCH compatible technology.
  • The screen is directly noticeable within 90 degrees and still visible.
  • You can see it quickly, and you can’t see it by nosey people around you.
  • Protect your privacy from your surrounding strangers.
  • The Galaxy Note 10 privacy screen protector upgrade version of the manufacturer makes your screen look a bit dimmer than usual.
  • Unlike other privacy screen protectors, you don’t have to change the brightness to the max.
  • These screen protectors use Self-healing fresh material. Usually, small bubbles can automatically vanish in 2 days.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 privacy screen protector brand VitaVela will allow you to use almost all types of cases.


7#. Curved Edge Tempered Glass UV Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 by Tamoria:

This Galaxy Note Tamoria introduces 10 Glass screen protector 0.2 MM curved tempered glasses. The material is updated that it supports fingerprint sensor and is Compatible for Note 10 full 3D curved edge screen 2019 model.

Curved Edge Tempered Glass UV Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

  • This tempered glass has protector UV screen p technology that safeguards Samsung Galaxy Note10 during direct sunlight touch.
  • This protector screen supports the fingerprint ID in the display.
  • It comes with a tempered glass screen protector for Note10 with ultrathin 0.2 mm and 3D complete coverage.
  • This protector does not interfere with the reaction of contact and gives you an ideal experience of unlocking.
  • This Galaxy Note10 3D complete coverage screen protector provides characteristics such as anti-scratch, bubble-free, yellow-resistant, and ensures that your device is protected from the Edge to Edge screen.
  • The tempered glass gives your phone’s front complete coverage.
  • It comes with 99 percent high-definition transparent hydrophobic and oleophobic screen covering that protects Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen protector against fingerprint sweat and oil residue.
  • The real process of opening + arc edge, 100% case-friendly.
  • This 3D full-screen coverage tempered protective glass screen is designed to remain compatible with most different types of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone cases.


8#. Samsung Note 10 Full-Screen Coverage/Adhesive Tempered Glass by TyZHL:

Samsung Note 10 Full Screen Protector

This screen protector comes with Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s 9H Hardness and Anti-Scratch technology. Galaxy Note 10 Pro / Note 10 Plus are not appropriate.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Full-Screen Coverage, Edge to Edge Protection 3D curved edge tempered film.
  • It fits well with Galaxy Note 10 as integrity you don’t even notice a screen protector is there.
  • This screen protector glass’s premium quality comes with a thickness of 0.3 mm and a complete curved edge.
  • Full-screen coverage is produced of tempered glass with high-quality 9H hardness.
  • This screen protection film protects your galaxy note10 against unnecessary wear and scratches from knives, keys, and other hard materials.
  • This screen protector has an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints and smudges.
  • This screen guard comes with the high-transparency up to 99.99 percent that ensuring maximum resolution.
  • The real natural feeling with this tempered glass that high-response provides flawless precision of the touch screen.


9#. Note 10 Screen Protector Full Coverage Case Friendly by IVSO (2 Pack):

This Galaxy Note 10 screen protector has the greatest desire to make its case friendly. This tempered glass is a free, scratch-resistant bubble. This screen protector can be readily installed and is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Note 10 Screen Protector Full Coverage Case

  • This tempered glass screen protector is 9H hardness that will safeguard your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from scratch dust and very well drop harm, keeping your galaxy Note 10 initial screen as fresh.
  • This tempered glass screen protector is lifelong bubble-free and not easy to peel off, and Galaxy Note 10 is an excellent case.
  • With viewing the instructions, this tempered glass screen protector can be easily installed; the edges and corners of galaxy note 10 can be entirely coated.
  • This tempered glass screen protector is specially intended for galaxy note 10 with a light transmission of 99 percent and a keen sensitivity to touch, so you can use your phone feel on the original screen.


10#. ESR Tempered-Glass for Galaxy Note 10 (2-Pack):

This screen glass protector comes with Edge-to-Edge coverage, so you get the case-friendly function. This screen protector is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 6.3-inch (2019).

ESR Tempered-Glass for Galaxy Note 10

  • It is specially intended to safeguard the screen of your phone from dust and border harm with curved edges.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ESR screen protector is not compatible with the fingerprint ultrasonic in-display sensor.
  • This protector of the ESR screen can handle 11lbs. Of strength and helps prevent harm to the screen.
  • Perfectly fits the screen of your phone and contains a cleaning kit for bubble-free and stress-free applications.
  • Oleophobic coating repels fingerprints and oil, making it simpler to clean the screen protector.
  • The product comes with a guarantee of 180 days, top-notch customer service, and a guarantee of 100 percent satisfaction.


These were some of the best screen protectors for the Samsung Note 10 device. Hope you found the perfect screen guard for your Note 10. In case if we missed any other branded screen protectors in the above list, you can share it with us in the comment section.