Since PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile have created a buzz on the smartphone world, now every next person is playing PUBG and Fortnite on its Android phone. Playing this type of AAA games on Android is a great deal. You can’t get better control on a smartphone. So, the great news is you can use Xbox One controller to Android device.

As we know that the newer versions of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X come with Bluetooth by default, hence it will be easy to pair your Xbox One game controller to Android. Well, if you already have Bluetooth integrated then game controller, its great! But, if you don’t have it, then we suggest you get the best Xbox wireless controller first.

If you have a Samsung mobile, then you are lucky. Since Samsung partnership Microsoft for Gear VR, you can easily use Xbox One controller to Samsung device. Don’t worry if you have other devices, you can still connect Xbox One game controller to your Android using Bluetooth. Without wasting much time, head over to the guide to pairing Xbox One controller with Android!

How To Pair and Use Xbox One Game Controller to Android Device

Step #1: On your Android phone, open Settings and head to the Bluetooth menu.

Step #2: Turn on Bluetooth.

Step #3: Next, turn on the Xbox One controller by holding the Xbox button.

Step #4: Now look for the sync button on the top left of the Xbox controller. Hold it for a few seconds until the Xbox button begins blinking.

Step #5: Once the controller started blinking, scan for nearby Bluetooth devices on your Android phone. After few seconds, you should see the Xbox One controller appear in the list of nearby devices. Tap it to pair.

Step #6: Once it gets connected, your phone will show a connection to your Xbox One controller, and the Xbox button will stop blinking.

Step #7: That’s it!

I guess you have simply connected your Xbox One game controller to your Android, right? Well, if you have wired Xbox 360 controller, then you can also use the USB OTG cable to connect Xbox 360 controller game controller to an Android phone. Talking about some games have an issue with button mapping, then the good news is Google has fixed the issue with the Android Pie update.

Final Words

So, have you perfectly connected your game controller with the Android phone? If yes, then please tell us about your experience of playing PUBG and Fortnite on Android with Xbox game controller. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask us in comments!