X-Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1

For serious Xbox gamers, this is your chair as is among the best. It comes with a 2.1 sound system that features a thumping bass with a crystal clear audio. Its ergonomic design plus tons of padding makes is comfortable and super stylish.

It has two speakers incorporated beautifully to the headrest and a subwoofer that uses Ace Bayou’s Audio Force Modulation technology.  This technology combines the ported power subwoofers and speakers into the open space within the chair to amplify sound quality and magnify your experience.

Its base can easily swivel and tilt while giving you hours of undisturbed comfort. The gunstock arm rests have a great look and provide support as required.

The control panel of this X-Rocker has separate bass and volume controls and two audio jacks (input and output) for connecting the audio source and other X-Rockers when playing with others.

It also has Bluetooth technology which can work any source that has RCA stereo outputs.

Unfortunately, it does not recline, its cushions wear thins after a short period and its structure is frail.

Weight: 43.2 pounds

Price: $169

Color: black, red

X-Rocker Pros Series H3

It features a very durable sitting surface made of easy to clean vinyl.  Its manufacturers focus come on comfort by using the best quality materials when building it. Just like a few other chairs, it also uses the AFM technology which is able to amplify the sound quality.

The 4.1 wireless sound system has four speakers and a subwoofer. It also has a vibration to complete your sound requirements and better your gaming experience.

The gun stock arms are very firm and often stay in the right position when gaming, although this might be a challenge for taller gamers.

It is not conducive for taller gamers who exceed 6’2. The chair can also topple backwards if you apply too much pressure on its headrest.


  1. Vinyl fabric that can be cleaned easily
  2. Padded headrest for extra neck support
  3. Hours of comfort during long gaming sessions
  4. Wireless receiver
  5. sound system which creates an immersive environment


  1. Heavy to lift
  2. Fixed armrests and it is unsuitable for users taller than 6’2
  3. Vibration is linked to volume forcing you to raise the volume for clearer audio which might make the environment noisy
  4. It has a small power cord

Price tag: $209

X-Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0

Interactive audio: Every computer game requires sound for it to be enjoyable. But interactive sound makes gaming more enjoyable.  This chair features full 2.0 sound system to offer customized surround sound.

Ergonomic design: It is designed with a padded headrest and full back support so that you can play your games for long hours without experiencing body injuries.

Extreme comfort:  gamers want to play all day long. This calls for a comfortable chair that gives your body enough and comfortable support.  The heavy duty padding on this chair provides for your comfort needs.

Easy to use controls and connectivity:  This chair has sleek side control panel that is easily accessible. The panel is fixed with power and volume controls and input and output jacks. The RCA cables enable you to connect with other chairs for multi-gaming.

The cons of this chair include:

  1. It is only suitable for kids
  2. It lacks the recline feature
  3. Its outer cover is made of plastic
  4. Headrest has a little bump

Price tag: $79

X Rocker- Commander Rocker Chair

This chair features a comfortable polyester sitting surface for long gaming sessions. The chair comes with a 2.1 wired sound system with a subwoofer and a control panel on the side. The control panel includes a headset output and separate bass and volume controls.

It can tilt and swivel beautifully to achieve your desired seating position. Its wide base provides stability during tilting and swiveling.

Additionally, it is highly compatible with Xbox, PSP, Wii, Playstation, MP3/CD/DVD, home theatres and other devices.

It comes in colour black.


  1. It uses wired technology, lacking the essential wireless connectivity
  2. Not ideal for kids

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Price tag: $259

Are you looking for more options to choose from? Visit to find your best Xbox gaming chair.


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