The internet is a vast entity with various devices, protocols, platforms, and other components. How we use the internet may be easily explained, but an in-depth process of how it works might be a tad too complex to discuss. We all know that browsing the internet entails the movement and sharing of data. Data security is one of the vital issues in today’s technological world.

For data protection, a proxy server is one defense that a person or organization may avail of. One may opt to set up their own server or avail of proxy server services. However, it is essential to note that this type of service must provide 100% anonymity. The service must also offer speeds and an uptime that can keep up with your connection demands.


What is a Proxy Server?

It acts as gateways for computers that access the internet. These are used to filter some details of visited websites by saving them on the server and not on your personal computer.

Who Manages a Proxy Server?

System or network administrators create rules on the server so that specific IP addresses will be able to access particular websites or if they will be allowed to access all websites. Network administrators maybe anybody in the household with IT knowledge, for personal networks, or office-appointed IT experts for more extensive systems.

Types of Proxy Servers

  • Transparent proxy which indicates to a website that it is a proxy server and it will pass along your computer’s IP address unknowingly.
  • Anonymous proxy identifies itself as a proxy but will not divulge your computer’s IP address to the website.
  • Distorting proxy works by identifying itself as a proxy while revealing an incorrect IP address for you.
  • High Anonymity proxy works in a sophisticated way because both the proxy and your computer’s IP address will be a secret wherein the website will detect a random IP address connecting to it.

Advantages and Uses

For imposing rules and limitations

A proxy server is beneficial for home networks, especially those with children so that they will not be able to access adult-related websites which are still beyond their maturity level. For school networks, this type of server is useful to limit the access of students and even school employees. This would limit them to performing necessary school activities instead of the students getting sneaky access to forbidden websites. Proxy servers can also schedule that only school activities can only accessed and social media sites during certain times only. This can also be an applicable rule for employers of private companies and even government agencies.

Activity Tracing and Proof

Since any computer that accesses the internet will be traceable via the computer’s IP address, any mischievous act can be easily found by any system administrator. The IP address of a computer is equivalent to a home address, and each machine has a unique address which can also be defined by any system administrator whenever they install a server on their office setup.

For school administrators, a masked IP address of each computer that students use in the campus will be filtered and managed. This would allow the tracing of activities and specification of permitted websites. You can also opt to have your server at home. But do remember that having one entails you to set up another workstation at home. You can do this if you want to practice your computer skills or if your home network has many computers, laptops, and even mobile phones that access one router. This server may then assist in managing these devices and the access allowed.

Security and Anonymity

Proxy Server

If you do not want your computer’s IP address to be broadcasted on the internet, let the server do this trick for you. It is duping the internet since the server acts as the gateway that gets the information that you needed from the internet. It is the IP address of the server that will be identified by the internet so you will be safe from unknown and unscrupulous entities which are already dominating today’s level of technology.

The proxy server masks your real IP address which is why having this type of server at home can be useful too if you want basic security protocols. This is helpful if you’re going to access exciting and unusual information, but you do not want your computer to be traced.

If you are a traveller, you can access your home network easily by using a proxy server, especially if the country that you visited has specific prohibitions with regards to internet activities. This is also applicable if you want to post a comment to a forum, but you want to remain anonymous so the servers hide your computer’s IP address so you will not be traceable too.

With today’s technology, you can easily avail of proxy server services from a reputable company. There are very few reasons why you shouldn’t avail of one. This type of server can be an effective security defence for your computer network. It may also act as a management tool for imposing restrictions on certain groups or for monitoring activity.