They say it is hard to be bored when you have a phone, but mobiles have become so integrated into daily life that it can sometimes be hard to know how best to use a phone when you are bored. Most people will check their emails, look on social media and reply to text messages which can kill a bit of time, but what if you are still bored?

Options are endless when you have a phone, so if you often find yourself bored then read on for a few fun ways to use a mobile which will pass the time, help you to have fun and avoid boredom.

Take Photos

Taking photos is a great way to kill boredom because it encourages you to interact with your environment and be creative. Learning the basics of photography and then practicing when you are bored will quickly help you to take much better photographs which could help you to garner more interactions on social media.

Reach Out To An Old Friend On Social Media

Following this, it is easy to scroll up and down on social media which, granted, can provide some relief but it can also make you more bored and even envious of those who seem to be having more fun.

One of the best ways to use social media when bored is to reach out to a friend that you have not spoken to for a while which could then lead to a social arrangement, but even just seeing what they have been up to is more fun than endlessly scrolling.

Watch & Bet On Sport

It is easy to watch and place bets on sport on your phone anywhere that you have an internet connection which can be a fun way to pass the time and make any sporting fixture more interesting. The options are endless but you could watch and bet on the test cricket which will help to keep you interested all day long.


With so many different games available, it means that there is always a type that you will enjoy and it is surprising at just how fun some mobile games can be whether it’s a classic or a hidden gem.

Listen To New Music

One of the best features of having a phone is that it allows you to listen to music while on the go. When you are next bored, instead of listening to an album that you always listen to, you could try to listen to something new whether this is a recommendation from a friend or a popular artist that you have not yet listened to. Discovering new music is always an amazing feeling and could help you to diversify your taste.

These are just a few ideas for how you can use your phone to stave off boredom. There are endless possibilities when you have a phone, yet people often get in a loop of performing the same task on their phone which can become boring after a while which is why it is worth trying a new activity the next time that you are bored.

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