The design of an app has a huge impact on how people interact with a product. A survey showed that mobile gamers in the U. S. use an average of six to ten mobile applications daily. That’s why it’s important to spend some time designing your app–because it can make or break your business. Mobile app design is not simple and straightforward as you can imagine.

If you’re working on a mobile app, this article will help you learn what are the best practices, top trends, and tools you can use in mobile app design in 2024, and where to hire app designers if you don’t have an in-house team to work on your design.


What Makes a Good Mobile App Design?

Everyone is talking about mobile apps these days, but what makes a good mobile app design? Here are the factors:

  • Easy to use or Navigate
  • Feature-rich
  • Visually engaging and appealing
  • Functional or meets the user’s needs
  • Compatibility–compatible with any other devices

6 Best Practices in Mobile App Design

1.     Create an Intuitive Design

Users should find it easy to navigate your app, so, the design should be user-friendly. For example, users can easily log in to your app even if they have forgotten the password because the intuitive characteristics of your application are designed to provide a clue about the password, or the application provides an option to auto-fill the username and password that was saved to your linked Google account. In brief, users should be able to use your app seamlessly.

2.     Choose the Right Color Scheme

Maintain visual consistency with the color palette. Choose a sufficient color contrast for the text. Insufficient color contrast can make the text unreadable as it blends in with the background. A sufficient contrast will make the text stand out from the background and make it easier for users to read and understand. 

3. Use a Minimalistic Approach

Most artists say that “Less is more.” In your design, the minimalist approach is making sure that your application and design are clutter-free. You don’t want to see a button on your mobile app that says register here, but when you click, it redirects the user to a different page. We don’t want that to happen because it’s not a great user experience, and it will cause users to abandon the page or the app at once and uninstall it.

4. Your Design Should Be Engaging and Appealing

The app’s design should load fast and be responsive to action, and it should also be engaging and visually appealing. In order to do this, you can use animation to create an engaging, emotional connection with users. For example, if the user clicks the Log in button in your app, then the use of animations can make it appear responsive as the loading progresses, these animations with transitions or movement can give the users a sense of reaction to what they have typed to log in.

5. Use a Good Typography

Good typography means the artistic way of organizing and designing letters, text, or copy in such a way that it conveys a message clearly, it’s readable, and is visually appealing to the readers. Using good typography is helpful for the reader’s quick scanning or visual skimming.

6. Fast Response to Users’ Actions

Speed matters and your app should be designed in a way that it quickly responds to users’ actions. Always remember that users’ attention span is quick, so you have to keep them engaged in the app by providing fast content because users don’t have to wait.

You can also provide feedback to the user, like informing them that login was successful or giving them a notification about the progress of their request so they can anticipate what’s going to happen next and they won’t be left guessing or confused with what to do next.

Top 3 Mobile App Design Trends in 2024

Mobile applications are complex infrastructures, and they change the way we communicate, transact, educate, and entertain ourselves. Mobile apps are becoming more important as it becomes a part of our lifestyle, and here are the top 3 mobile app design trends that you should keep an eye on in 2024:

Bold Colors

Vibrant colors are always trending in mobile app design for years, and still in 2024. Bild and bright colors create texture and depth in design to make it more visually striking and engaging.

Dark Mode

The classic dark mode will never be out of style. It’s uniqueness and striking design have been popular for years now as it makes the design or elements of a design stand out.

Clear and Bold Typography

In 2024, the trend in typography will be more expressive and bolder, with large font sizes and colors to make the text stand out and convey a clear message for users – creative typography with personality and tone to make the app more engaging and memorable for users.

Wrapping Up

Every day a new mobile app is created, and the biggest challenge is how to retain the users and keep them engaged. Businesses need to keep up with the trends and update their technology to lead the competitive market. Keeping updated with the best practices and applying the latest technology in your innovations is the secret to your successful apps and digital products. can help you design the next successful and impactful mobile application for your business. Contact Limeup today.