If you have been playing games online for longer than 5 minutes, you will have noticed different trends that have shaped what types of games you play and how you engage with those games in the first place. An example is that you probably play as many games on your phone now as you do on a console or computer.

In an ever-shifting landscape, it is hard to workout what is coming next, but to make accurate predictions. You first need to take a snapshot of how things are now.


Mobile gaming now

It’s hard not to notice that some major trends are currently steering mobile gaming. The first of these is social gaming,where playing with friends is not just an option but a key part of the game. Of course, this helps with the longevity of titles as you are less likely to stop playing a game if it is also a form of social interaction with your friends.

In addition,AR (Augmented Reality) is also popular as it blends digital and physical worlds to create a different type of gaming experience. An example of this is Pokémon GO and its incredible effect on players – even those who may not have known much about Pokémon. You also have to factor in cross-platform play where you can start a game on one device and continue it on another, making some popular just due to this one factor.

Mobile gaming in the future

While these trends are popular now, they will soon pass but will still have an effect on how games are played in the future.

#1 Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming could cause a seismic shift in the gaming world as it can mean that players don’t have to have access to expensive, high-end hardware. This is because games are hosted on remote servers and streamed directly to your device, needing nothing but a stable internet connection. This will make gaming accessible to a broader audience, which is no bad thing.

#2 The rise of online casinos

Just as important will be the further rise of online casino games, as technology makes the experience better for mobile users than ever before. This will be most evident when it comes to playing roulette online, where improved graphics and streaming technology can give you a more realistic time at the tables. Another factor in the rise of casino games is the huge variety available. For instance, the roulette games already discussed will be available to you in different formats to suit your style of play, whether you are a high-roller or are looking to play a faster-paced game.

#3 More AR experiences

While Pokémon GO was wildly successful and had a massive effect on online gaming, it was regarded in some quarters as a novelty. This will not be the case in the future as AR technology advances, and digital overlays can, for instance, turn a walk through the forest into the first part of the trip to Mordor to dispose of the One Ring. You can also expect to see AR used to educate as well as entertain, turning your surroundings into more interactive environments.

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