If you love to watch films, series, or live TV online from your smartphone, this application called BeeTV APK is perfect. There are many other similar applications on the internet that require a premium subscription to enjoy their offerings. With BeeTV APK, you can have access to multiple live TV channels, movies, series, and much more. This application is totally free, and you can use it on your Android devices from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. If you are a new user who doesn’t know much about this app then, here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about BeeTV APK.


How to Watch Movies and Series Online for Free – Watch Netflix for Free

Television is one of the most revolutionary inventions on its own, and many people might have thought that this cannot get advanced. However, we have come very far from where we used to be. From TV boxes to thinner TVs, we have seen a lot of inventions in this category. Now we can connect the internet to our TV, and they have become smart. Plus, now, with smartphones, users can watch live TV without actually accessing the TV.

Today we know a multitude of online services that offer us TV, movies, and series, sometimes even exclusive to that platform. The most popular are Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube TV, HBOMax, Amazon Prime Video, and much more. However, all these services require a paid subscription, and whose prices may vary depending on the country. Of course, these services offer qualitative, and they are more than proven that they work.

But now, there are new ways. You no longer need to pay for certain services to enjoy what they have to offer you. Now you can enter many internet websites from your smartphone or laptop and download all the series and movies you want. In addition to having applications, one of them is BeeTV APK, which is totally free and allows you to access everything you need.

BeeTV APK: Free Live TV on Mobile

BeeTV APK is the application that offers you all kinds of entertainment that you want. This includes series, movies, and sports shows or events, and from the comfort of our Android phones or tablets. In addition, when downloading it, we will not have to pay absolutely anything to use the app since it is totally free for all users.

The application has a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can understand, even when using one of the categories into which the content is divided. You can also select and save lists of channels of interest so that you can easily find them later.

In addition, it has excellent compatibility with various devices and platforms, such as a mobile, tablet, Smart TV, Chromecast, or TV Box. The whole streaming experience will be ad-free. You don’t need to register or pay anything to get rid of ads. However, you can register yourself if you wish to keep track of your streaming activities.

BeeTV APK Features

There are many reasons to use this application. Here we have shown some serious benefits of using the BeeTV app on your phone.

  • If you have logged in, then you can keep track of your streaming history.
  • Check news and updates of new movies and series that will be available on the app.
  • Make a watchlist of the videos and channels you wish to watch.
  • A well-organized site that has all the TV shows, movies, and TV channels sorted in the relevant category.
  • A massive collection of TV channels to watch live TV.

How to download and install BeeTV APK on Android

To get the BeeTV APK application on our Android device, we must go to its official website and download the APK to later install it. Doing it is very simple, but if you don’t know how we will show you quickly how to do it.

  1. As a first step, we must download the APK file; there are several buttons on the web form where you need to click on the download option and save it on your drive.
  2. Once the download is complete (it takes time depending on your internet), you just have to click or press the file to open an installation menu. Then, click OK and then Install. And that would be it, and the app is installed.
  3. It is important to have the option to Allow Unknown Sources in our Android device’s setting. To do this we go to Settings => Security => Unknown sources. You just need to enable this option, and you can complete this process easily.

Can I Install BeeTV APK on My PC?

To have BeeTV APK on our Windows computer is very simple. For this, we need software that allows us to run Android apps on a PC, that is, an emulator. There are several, but here we recommend BlueStacks. To download it for free, go to their website.

Once the Android emulator is installed, all that remains is to download the APK of BeeTV APK on your computer. If we run the emulator, we press Ctrl + Shift + B, and a window will open in which we will look for the APK, and to install it, we select them and click Open.

The BeeTV APK app will appear in the My Apps section in the emulator, and you can use it just like on the phone.

Remember that such emulators provide an environment of the Android OS to the Android APK files.

Top Alternatives to BeeTV APK

Well, BeeTV is not the only application that offers free love TV streaming services. There are many similar sites like BeeTV that can be used by users to watch movies, series, and live TV online.


This is a legal and free online streaming application that allows users to watch more than 300 TV channels for free. It has got TV channels that are available in the USA. News, entertainment, movies, travel, sports, and there are multiple categories that can be explored here. Users just need to download the app and sign in with their email addresses. Once it is done, they can watch everything they want with a few simple tips. Thus, PlutoTV can be one of the best alternatives to BeeTV APK.

UnlockMyTV APK

This is another great application where users can watch live TV online for free. It doesn’t require you to sign up or pay any fee. It is totally free but an illegal platform. You just need to install the app from its official website, and you can watch live TV channels from various countries for free. You won’t find this app on Google Play Store, so you may have to download it from the internet or its official website. You can use this app as a BeeTV APK alternative.


If you want a neat and easy-to-use application to watch movies, series, and live TV online, this is the app you need on your phone. HD Streamz has many similarities between BeeTV APK, and that is why it can be said as one of the best similar apps like the BeeTV app. The collection of live TV channels is even bigger than BeeTV APK. The app has an enticing user interface and amazing navigation system that make the use of the application even better.

Bottom line

Thus, if you want all the entertainment on your smartphones, this is the application you need. If you are not satisfied with BeeTV APK, then you can use the aforementioned alternatives. If you know many more apps similar to BeeTV, then list them in the comment section below.