Long gone are the days when mobile phones were used solely for making calls. Nowadays, these handy little devices offer up a plethora of services and activities, some of which are incredibly engaging and enjoyable.

Donot scroll through your social media pages for the hundredth time today — put the following advice into practice and actually have some fun with your mobile phone! Here are five ways in which your smartphone device can keep you entertained:

Test your brain with a puzzle

Why spend your time scrolling through your mind-numbingly boring social media pages when you could test your brain with a mobile puzzle game? There are a whole host of smartphone-based activities out there that will be sure to push your cognitive function to the limit, eight of the very best being:

1. Monument Valley

2. Florence

3. Threes!

4. Bridge Constructor Portal

5. Evergarden

6. Krystopia: Novia’s Journey

7. The Almost Gone

8. The Unfinished Swan

Do some coloring

Coloring isnot just for kids, you know. Adults can indulge in this pastime too… and they donot even need crayons or paper to do so! Mobile coloring apps are growing more and more popular by the year, and for good reason. They are oddly satisfying and the immersive nature helps users to escape the stress of everyday life.

Partake in a game of chess

Who needs a real-life chess board when you have your smartphone at hand? Thanks to the inception of apps such as Lichess and Play Magnus, you can release your inner Queen’s Gambit and take the world of (virtual) chess by storm.

Play a mobile casino game

What is more fun than a night out at the casino? You might not be able to indulge in this particular pastime at the moment, but that doesnot mean that you cannot get your poker, blackjack, and roulette fix. There are plenty of online slot platforms that offer dedicated mobile casino gaming services, one of which is Lucky Nugget Casino. Here, you will be able to play a whole host of amazing Android casino games, some of which include:

1. 9 Masks of Fire

2. Banana Odyssey

3. Double Whammy

4. Lost Vegas

5. Queen of the Crystal Rays

Listen to a podcast

If you have an hour or two to spare, why not settle down and listen to a good podcast? No matter what modern smartphone device you use you will no doubt have the capacity to access hundreds, if not thousands, of different podcasts in all manner of genres. This means that you could listen to stories about your favorite movie stars, you could listen to sporting tales, or you could listen to educational tutorials. The possibilities are endless.

So long as your smartphone device is close-by, you need never be bored. Whether you test your brain with a puzzle, do some coloring, partake in a game of chess, play a mobile casino game, or listen to a podcast, you will be sure to have hours of fun whenever you spend time on your mobile phone.