The world is evolving. Technology is evolving. And right now, it’s transforming itself at a faster pace than we’ve seen even just a generation alone.

That’s why it doesn’t amaze us anymore when something new comes up that can make our lives even better than they are now. And at times, we don’t even hear about the new stuff at all unless it’s an era-defining invention.

There are actually a lot of commercially available innovations that can make your life a little bit easier. One of these is the virtual SIM. And you can easily get it from providers like Freeje that are dedicated to sharing the conveniences this tech allows.

To learn everything that you need to know about this tech and how it could make your life better, keep reading. We’ll cover everything for you.


What is it?

This probably is the biggest question. Because how did something like this become virtual anyway?

We’ve become accustomed to SIM cards being the small, plastic things that you lodge in your phone so you can text or call people. But that’s not the only way that it can work anymore.

Essentially, this upgraded tech is something created through and stored on the internet. That’s it. This mostly performs the functions of its regular counterpart, only that it’s powered by the cloud.

There are two ways that you can order one: through a provider’s site or their app. For both ways, you’ll just have to choose your number (country and city codes, and other specifications) then order the number.

Can you use it without the internet?

Because it’s created through the internet, most people assume that you’ll need a stable connection to ensure that your messages are all getting through.

App providers let you use the app itself to text and call using your virtual SIM. And of course, for the app to perform these functions, you’ll need to have an internet connection. Think of WhatsApp and Telegram. Although you can send texts for free using those apps, you’ll still need the internet for it to work.

But yes, you can use the number without the internet. You have it reroute to your personal number. This way, you technically receive everything on your personal number without ever revealing it to anyone.

What’s so great about it?

Although it functions just like a regular SIM, there are a lot of benefits in having this tool in your arsenal:

  1.  You can keep your privacy

Let’s say you’re in recruitment, and you onboard potential recruits via WhatsApp. If you use your real number, everyone you’ve ever messaged (even those you didn’t want to hire) now knows it.

And if they’re being persistent, they can text you to give them a second chance or inquire about other openings.

It’s not just useful in the business setting. For all situations that you’d prefer to keep your personal number private, it can act as the buffer. You’d still have a number to give out but not the one that can compromise your privacy and security.

  1.  It lets you maintain to lines with one phone

So you have your regular SIM, then the virtual one. They both can exist on one phone. This means that you never have to carry around a work phone with you again.

In a way, this streamlines your process because you don’t have to constantly switch phones. And when the pressure is on, even the littlest details like that can easily get overwhelming.

  1.  It keeps you connected

Sure, you can just go online nowadays to talk to someone. But how quickly would you get the response? When you’re traveling and you get lost, you want to easily get a hold of someone local to help you.

But you probably won’t be able to reach someone when your personal number doesn’t work in that place. The same applies when you’re traveling for work.

But there have to be downsides, right?

Functionally, it does everything right. But the tech has been gaining popularity among terrorist groups because of the anonymity it provides.

And because they normally choose providers outside the area they operate, it can be impossible to see who’s making those calls. This is what’s happening in some parts of Asia. The very existence of this tech is becoming a security concern.

But just like any technology, this could be used for bad as well. But the ‘bad’ lies in the intent of the user, not the technology itself.

If you want to start using a virtual sim, it’s as easy as ordering a random item over the internet. Just choose a number based on your preferences, and pay for it. As with everyone who’s ever gotten one for their own purposes, we’re sure you’re going to be extremely satisfied with your purchase of Freeje Optimum.

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