Flowers, balloons, chocolates and dinner dates are something that is done by every other person. While tech-savvy dating apps have flooded in the market, there is also no shortage of unique apps that can help plan your Valentine’s Day. How about you spruce things up a bit this Valentine’s day and make use of technology to convey your love. In this post we have compiled a list of the latest gadgets that will help you plan this amazing day for you and your better half:


1#. Flowers

Well, nothing spells love quite right like a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s day. If you are planning gifts for Valentine’s Day then make sure you be smart about it this time around. There are different services in and around Australia that can help you in this endeavor like The Bouqs Co, Flowers for Everyone and Bloom That which provide the service of delivering bouquets on your doorstep. Surprise your loved one this time around by sending one to their home address or office.

2#. A Unique Experience

A day out with your partner is something you definitely need to invest in. How about getting them to try out a tour of Australia. You can play a day out with Sydney’s Living History app and set out on a unique one-day adventure of the country. Fancy a visit to the oldest pub in Australia? How about discovering an ancient watercourse under the streets? If you are more of a pub and café hopping type of person then make sure to download the Sydney Café Culture app which has a detailed guide on the many cafes in and around you.

3#. A New Gadget 

Profess your love to your partner this year with a gift of an awesome gadget. The Amazon Echo makes for a perfect gadget for that tech-savvy partner of yours. Maybe you don’t want to set your foot out on Valentine’s Day so how about ordering pizza or a takeout at home. If you are thinking of going outside then the Echo can even order an Uber for you. In need for some romantic tracks after a dinner date? Amazon Echo has you covered. A perfect gift to celebrate the day of love.

4#. Fitness tracker 

Has your partner been making New Year resolutions to stay fit and healthy this time around? Well, now is your chance to support them in their goal of getting fit and fab. Fitbit fitness trackers make great gadgets for guys and gals. Fitbit has a variety of option to suit your budget and some amazing features on offer like on the wrist caller ID, heart rate monitoring, calories burned, quality of sleep etc. Looking for a personalized gift for your Valentine? Make sure you use Red Balloon promo codes to avail their latest offers.

5#. Book a Night Out

Spending some quality time with your partner with a night out away from home is a great way to end your day. Book a hotel for you and your partner with the Hotel Tonight app and plan a last minute romantic getaway for the night for both of you. The app offers a multitude of options across Australia for patrons.

This Valentine’s day, start thinking outside the box and make use of technology to plan out your date.

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