Justdubs needs no introduction to the anime lovers who like to watch the English dubbed version. If you are new then let me tell you that Justdubs is one of a kind website where users can watch anime series and movies in English dubbed with English subtitles as well. There are many free sites to watch free anime with English subtitles but not all provide Japanese Anime series’ English dubbed version. So if you are looking for free English dubbed Japanese and Korean anime then Just dub is the best website you can rely on. You don’t need to sign up or create an account so just open the site on your browser and enjoy unlimited anime with English audio at your convenience.

Justdubs only provides legal and officially dubbed anime on its website. So the drawback of justdubs is that it may not have the latest released anime episodes as anime studios don’t dub any show as soon as they are released in Japan. Developers can create subtitles in hours but dubbing takes process so if you don’t control your patience to watch dubbed anime then you can watch it with subs. There are many sites like justdubs to watch the latest anime with English subtitles. Here we have mentioned some of the top justdubs alternatives 2021.

Is justdubs active? How to watch anime in English dubbed version for free?

But before we head to the top websites like justdubs you should know that justdubs is active and you can all the English dubbed Japanese and Korean anime here. You just need to visit the site at https://ww5.justdubs.me/ and confirm that you are a human and you are ready to go. You can free stream English dubbed anime on just dubs.

Top 8 alternatives to justdubs | 8 best justdubs alternatives


This is one of the best websites to stream anime when it comes to advertisement, loading of the video, quality, and simple interface. we found no advertisement on this website using till now but can’t say about the future but we recommend you using AdBlocker on your browser to avoid ads on any website. You can click on the anime tab and explore the available anime. You will also find night mode options like iOS 13’s dark mode in case you are accessing the website at night in the dark. In terms of everything, this site could be the best alternative to the same site as justdubs.


This name of justdubs alternatives website matches with its interface. It is a very smooth and simple website to stream anime at ease. Starting with the homepage, you will find the recently added anime episodes and below you will find the most popular ones with ongoing series. Explore tab will give you filters such as type, languages, premiered, status, and genre helping you to easily find any anime. Just click on random anime and try to play. You will find anime in both subbed and dubbed languages on this website so it could be a top site like justdubs.


Animeheaven has all dubbed as well as anime with subs for free. On the home page, you will find anime names with their episode number. The interface is simple and easy to use. On the right side, you will find ongoing anime with chat option too in case if you want to discuss something with anyone related to anime, the list of anime series available. Although it doesn’t ask for registration you but to connect with other community members you need to sign up for free on this site like justdubs. You can also find the search option on the right from where you can find the anime on the other anime websites as well.


If you are looking to watch anime and only dubbed language then my suggestion would be this website because on this website you won’t find any problem with dubbed episodes. As you will have only English dubbed anime here so it can be a great alternative to justdubs. Once you enter the anime tab, you will find anime starting with the most popular ones. The high-quality video and multiple servers make this site the best anime site to watch.


KissAnime is one of the most popular and best websites to watch anime for free that too in great quality. It is the best justdubs alternatives. Same as all websites on the homepage, you will be able to see the latest anime updates. Click on Anime list to see the overall anime content available on this website. Along with anime shows and movies you can read manga for free. People who usually love reading novels can read novels online for free from this website. Search for your favorite anime and start watching at high-quality.


9anime is the best website to watch animes and high quality. Once you visit the website, on the homepage of the site it will provide you the update of recent and new anime uploaded anime, both English subbed and dubbed along with trending included. You can check the “newest” option to see the latest anime available with the given genres too. The video quality is available in HD so we recommend you to go for this one of the best sites like justdubs.


On this website, you will find anime episodes, movies, and also you can watch the cartoon. Animes are available in both sub and dubbed languages. You can click the anime tab to check the overall list of anime available on this website. For a try, play some random anime and you won’t get any kind of annoying advertisement or pop-up on this side even the video quality is available in HD. So this could be a better substitute for justdubs.


On this justdubs alternative’s homepage, you will be able to find the latest anime episodes available. Anime index will help you to get the overall list of anime series available on this website. Also, you can watch anime movies on this website and read manga online for free. To watch your favorite anime you can simply type the name of the anime in the search box, then click on the details shown and start watching. The quality on this site is good but comparatively low than just dubs and other we mentioned above.

Final words:

So these are some of the best websites like justdubs. Try any of these justdubs alternatives and tell us which one did you like the most. If you have any other favorite site to watch dubbed anime for free then tell our readers through the comment box.