How to Block a Number Android

Here, I explain to How to Block a Number Android and you can block text messages from a specific number or contact on your Android device with a third party using the best all time.

How to Block a Number Android

There are no blocking contacts on Android smartphone and for those users with stock Android devices and Android now gives you a way to block a caller right from the Phone app and some phone allow users to enable a per number blocking mode for phone settings that is see below for how to block a number Android step by steps easy.

How to Block a Number Android

How to Block a Number Android

Method 1: Block Text Messages

Now, below steps for Messages app included with Android and includes a different app for messaging Follow below Steps.

Step 1: Open Messages.

Step 2: After Press the Menu icon located at the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Select Blocked contacts.

Step 4: Click Add a number you wish to block.

Step 5: After Return to the Blocked contacts screen and select the X next to the number.

Step 6: After numbers you have blocked will not receive any type of notification that they have been blocked.

Now, text messages from that person will be blocked and not visible and you get notifications you are received a message from the person and you ever want to unblock the person and other return to the Manage blacklist screen after tap then select Unblacklist.

How to Sending Automatic Reply Using Swift Reply

How to Block a Number Android

Now, you want to let a person they have been blocked after you will need to download and install Swift Reply and it is use for reply for specific Contacts follow below steps.

Step 1: Mobile number you wish to block is listed in your Contacts.

Step 2: Open Swift Reply.

Step 3: After tap the plus icon to new Auto reply.

Step 4: Type the name you would like to use for the reply

Step 5: After Send to the massage.

Step 6: After select enable User Filter > Contacts.

Step 7: Tap Add.

Step 8: After choose the people in your Contacts list that you would like to receive the reply.

Step 9: Tap Done.

Step 10: After Tap Save.

Step 11: Tap Off to turn the auto reply on.

Here, completed all steps after people will now receive your message automatically that is best and easy steps to follow below.

Now, completed guide for How to Block a Number Android and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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