Marketing is a very salient aspect in businesses where it has the ability to attract and lure in potential consumers. It is an ongoing strategy that helps businesses flourish and engages customers. As a marketer, your world revolves around how to pull in more unique visits to your web page, engage consumers, and most importantly, retain them. The most effective marketing strategy shows that email campaigns are 40% more effective as compared to social media sites.

This is the reason why Mailerlite is a competitive platform in the world of email marketing. Mailerlite is an e-mail marketing directed towards small businesses, which has the ability to give them a robust and powerful platform that is easy to use and complements existing content marketing platforms and strategies. In fact, a Mailerlite review 2021 says that it is a very simple and straightforward application with comprehensive features that all email marketers look for in an email marketing software. Its simplistic and intuitive design makes it easy for users to design professional-looking email newsletters. Here are the newest features of MailerLite.


What’s New in 2021?

●       New Landing Builder Page

Do you want to run a promotion test, contest, or event but have no coding skills or experience? Worry not because the newest feature of MailerLite includes the capability to build all sorts of pages to reach business goals that are easy to use and maneuver –no coding skills or experience needed!

●       Create your own Templates

Time is always of the essence in the marketing world. The newest feature of MailerLite allows consumers to convert newsletters or landing pages into templates. In addition, it also has the ability to set default details like logos and social links.

●       Fun with Quizzes

MailerLite is all about fun and interaction. Users now have the capability to test people’s knowledge and even treat them with a freebie at the end! Users would just have to insert the quiz block in their emails, landing page, or use a quiz template.

Other Updates

●       Multiple-image Choice Questions

Who doesn’t love images and visuals in quizzes? Mailerlite users can now insert images in multiple-choice questions. This feature also works for emails and landing pages.

●       New Email Templates

E-mail marketing has never been this easy because MailerLite now offers five (5) new templates! Users can pick a ready-made template and build newsletters from there. These new layouts include quizzes and beautiful designs for e-commerce and bloggers.

●       Customized Fields in Embedded Forms

New customized fields now have more options for embedded forms on landing pages. Options would include the ability to add a dropdown menu, radio buttons, and many more!

MailerLite 2021 Pricing


MailerLite offers a Free Forever Plan, but even when customers start paying, it is a lot cheaper compared to other marketing tools. MailerlIte is free for anyone who has up to 1,000 subscribers (with limited features). For a maximum of 2,500 contacts it costs $15 a month, $30 monthly for 5,000 contacts, $50 per month for 10,000 subscribers or $75 monthly for a list of 15,000 contacts. Additionally, anyone who gets a yearly plan can have up to a 30% discount.

In conclusion, we all know that marketing is an important aspect of every business. This is the reason why as budding online marketers, we have to be wise and invest in marketing platforms that would have bigger returns and is value for money.

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Vineet Maheshwari is a passionate blogger and relationship oriented digital marketing consultant with over 10 years of experience in SEO, PPC management, web analytics, domain investing, affiliate marketing and digital strategy. He has helped high tech brands connect with customers in an engaging manner, thereby ensuring that high quality leads are generated over time.