You could be looking to make your hobby your full time gig, or just trying to beat that really annoying friend on Call of Duty. Whatever your reason for wanting to be a better gamer, there are certain things that will seriously help you to achieve that goal. We’ve scoured every corner of the internet for the best advice on improving your playing technique and collated all of that information into three super important points. If you follow this advice, we can’t guarantee you’ll be the next big name in eSports, but you’ll definitely see a marked improvement in your own performance.

Create the Right Environment

The first thing that most people don’t quite get right is the environment that they game in. Most of us enjoy chilling on a soft, slouchy sofa and playing a video game with some music on, or a couple of friends over. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if you’re actively trying to improve then you need to make sure your environment is conducive to that. If you’ve got plenty of disposable income then you can set up your own gaming room with all the mod-cons, but if you’re on a budget, there are steps you can take too. Getting a gaming chair, or sitting on a computer chair will support your back, put you at the right level for the screen and give your forearms something to rest on whilst your fingers get to work. If you want to listen to music then curate a playlist that will help you concentrate and whilst you’re devoting time to actual practice, keep it to just yourself.

Work on Your Core Skills

Putting the hours in on the game that you want to improve at will definitely help you to see results but when you get to a certain level it’s a good idea to put some time into the core skills that the game relies on. For example, if you enjoy first person shooters, then the chances are you’re going to need a great reaction time to get to the top. Spending a few minutes each day working on your reaction time might seem silly at first, but if you can shave it down by just a couple of milliseconds each day, soon you’ll begin to notice a real difference in your performance. Identify those key skills in the game that you want to improve at and take a few minutes out each day to really work at them.

Remember That Experts Know Best

Once you’ve got the first two tips down, all that’s left is to listen to those who know best. There are experts for all different types of games and many of them share their advice totally free online. If card games are your hobby of choice then the good news is that there’s loads of information out there on how to improve. For players of poker, provides helpful tips on understanding probabilities and even just the basic rules if you’re a beginner. If you prefer a game of rummy or whist then YouTube has tutorials and strategy tips that you can follow. This applies for video games and board games too. So, go forth and educate yourself into the gamer you always knew you could be.

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