If you want to advance in mobile games, then there are some things you need to have knowledge of and utilize. Mobile games are not only a distraction to people who need to take a break from the outside world, but they can also require skills and ambition to advance to higher levels than others playing the same games. Here are 5 tips for you to get ahead in various mobile games.


1.  Cheats

One of the easiest ways to advance in mobile games is using cheats. You can find cheats for almost every kind of mobile game out there. This is done quite easily by searching for cheats for the specific game you are playing on the internet. You will probably find more than a couple cheats for the game. If you are looking for a Scrabble cheat website then you will find plenty where you can enter the letters given to you by the game and within seconds have all the possible answers. Most, if not all other mobile games, whether they are word games or not, will have whole websites dedicated to giving you all the answers you need to get to higher levels.

2. Loopholes

Finding loopholes in the rules set by a game may sound trickier than it actually is. All you need to do to find loopholes in a game is to familiarize yourself with the rules of any given game. Then you can simply evade these rules without the risk of being banned or getting discovered for it. For example, if you are playing a game such as Pubg on your mobile where you need to survive in a free for all battle till the very end without someone killing you, you could toe the line of the rule that says you should be fending for yourself without help by forming allies or playing with friends, which will increase the odds of you winning in the end but without having outright broken any rule.

3. Top Up

This basically means spending money to advance in the game. It is a proven fact that when a player has the necessary items then they are more likely to advance in the game. Games usually offer deals for their players to buy boosters, and other objects that in the end will give them better chances in the game. For example, when playing candy crush, you can buy different kinds of power boosters that will aid you in defeating the levels that are difficult.

4. Bugs

Mobile games are made by programmers that are human, this means that the codes they create to form the game are not always perfect. This leads to the game they create having bugs that are sometimes helpful for gamers. For example, a bug may consist of something wrong in the landscape of a game that will automatically lead the software of the game to assume that you won the game. Some bugs are concerned with time, so for example if you need extra lives there might be a bug in the app that will give them to you if you change the time setting on your phone.

5. Practice

Another way to get ahead in mobile games is constant practice. Practice makes perfect, so even if you feel that the game is difficult and requires too much thought, after a few times playing it will get easier which will give you the necessary experience needed to get ahead in the mobile game.

No level is unbeatable

Using these 5 ways you will find that there is no game, level or stage that is unbeatable. You can utilize one, a few or all of these to ensure that you are always ahead of the game. Just remember that games were made mainly for you to have fun while playing them so as long as you have that in mind you are bound to have the time of advancing your life in your game of choice.